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dewolff grandsouthernelectric
Artist: DeWolff
Title: Grand Southern Electric
Genre: Psychedelic Blues Rock
Release Date: 2nd May 2014
Label: ReMusic (Pias + Rough Trade)

Album Review

DEWOLFF is a psychedelic blues rock power trio from the Netherlands. The band formed in 2007 and had their debut named ‘Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants’ released in 2009. Their following album ‘Orchards/Lupine’ was released in 2011 and they even reached position eleven in the Dutch charts. DEWOLFF play a kind of music I cannot relate to, its old school (normally I like old school) but the overall sound is leaning heavy towards 60`s and 70`s bands and I definitely like the 1980`s best so I am not on board no matter where the arrangements want to take me.

Normally I like to exaggerate in reviews so every interested reader gets a lot of details and information, sadly these guys are absolute beginners when it comes to Facebook or their Website (the information who is playing which instrument is only available over their Dutch Wikipedia entry) so you have to take my word on some of this stuff. The music (although not to my liking) is well made and the sound is okay for this sort of music (I suppose) but sometimes that’s not enough to enjoy a record. These guys will make their way, due to the retro hype at the moment their chances are good.


01. Stand Tall
02. Evil Mothergrabber
03. Ride with you
04. Wealthy Friend
05. Satilla No.3
06. Restless Man
07. Dance of the Buffalo
08. Ripple Faced Thing
09. Working like a Dog
10. (Ain`t nothing wrong with) A little bit of Loving
11. It`s about Time


Robin Piso - Vocals, Keyboard, Bass
Pablo van de Poel - Vocals, Guitar
Luka van de Poel - Drums


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dewolff grandsouthernelectric


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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