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babylonia talesoflovinghearts
Artist: Babylonia
Title: Tales Of Loving Hearts
Genre: Synth Pop / Pop
Release date: 20th February 2013
Label: Massimo Giunta Self Release

Album Review

BABYLONIA is an Italian based Synth Pop band that already released 2 albums (‘Later Tonight’ and ‘Motel La Solitude’). The duet formed by Max and Robbie was in full promotion of ‘The Ethereal Collection’ when the brutal death of Robbie shocked the Synth Pop world. I've never really been a huge fan of BABYLONIA before, but the two lads deserve respect for their career and hard work. I generally like any BABYLONIA's song when I listen to it on the radio or come to a video, but listening to a full album is quite difficult for me. It's just personal taste as I feel sometimes Max is over acting his vocal crooner style and the production of ‘Motel La Solitude’ sounded like they wanted to impress the world. Once again, only a personal view. As often when a sudden death hits a band, there's a sympathetic natural feeling coming of it and we tend to be more focus on positive things than useless criticism. After this shock, Max has decided to carry on the BABYLONIA’s adventure in memory of his friend and has just released a “tribute to Max” kind of album entitled ‘Tales Of Loving Hearts’ and only available on CD on the band's website + iTunes as well at Amazon.

This album consists in a mixture of acoustic tracks and electronic ones. It shouldn't really considered as an album, more a collection of songs, with different moods and of course, different ways of paying tribute to Robbie. The album opens with ‘Io Sono Il Deserto (acoustic)’ that reminds a bit of DEPECHE MODE's ‘One Caress’ with its smooth classical arrangements. Even if sung in Italian (like most of the album), it's no use catching the words to get overwhelmed by the emotion. Max’ voice is fragile and delicate strings turns this opening song in a very emotional moment. The outstanding track of the album is without a doubt the amazing cover of OMD classic, ‘Of All The Things We've Made’ that follows. The band originally recorded it around 2008 for a French Tribute to OMD that featured Commuter, Waiting For Words, Babylonia, Foretaste and a couple of other acts. It became an instant classic of BABYLONIA's repertoire and this new version, accompanied with a stunning video, takes it higher again. The production, vocals, arrangement make it simply one of the best cover of OMD ever released.

‘Dias De Lluvia’ is back to the acoustic mode. Another slow and delicate song, followed by ‘The Remains Of The Day’ with some French spoken words for a more electronic and, after a long atmospheric part, ending on a heavier drum beat. Two more acoustic tracks follows, including a newly recorded version of ‘Beautiful Losers’, a song from the album ‘Motel La Solitude’. Another electronic piece follows with ‘Souvenir de Margot’, an instrumental and melancholic track. The album ends up with ‘La Sua Figura’, acoustic again. To sum it up, this album is a moving tribute to Robbie's memory and is not reflective of BABYLONIA's usual productions. The barrier of language avoid the non-Italian speaker to understand the emotion of the words but music and voice is there. I'm not sure that it will be of interest for those who don't know BABYLONIA to be honest, but it's certainly a wonderful present to all of their fans.

But more important, it gives Max a break, a moment to pass through this difficult times, a moment to share with the fans of the band to, let's hope, carry on BABYLONIA's road. Did he thought about the meaning of “Solitude” when they release the album? He now have to deal with it but most of all, move on, find some new musical partners. For himself, for the band's fans... and for Robbie's memory.


01. Io Sono Il Deserto (acoustic)
02. Of All The Things We've Made
03. Dias De Lluvia
04. The Remains Of The Day
05. Fortissimo
06. Beautiful Losers (xmas acoustic)
07. Souvenir De Margot
08. La Sua Figura


Max Giunta - vocals, programming
Ale Esposti - acoustic piano
Francesca Bongiorni - cello


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babylonia talesoflovinghearts


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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