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Artist: Device
Title: Device
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: 5th April 2013
Label: Warner Bros. Records

Album Review

After DISTURBED went on indefinite hiatus in 2011, a new opportunity was popping up for vocalist David Draiman with a side project called DEVICE he formed together with former FILTER guitarist Geno Genardo that has just released its eponymous debut album to the public. 'You Think You Know' opens the album on a massive base of erratic drumming and power riffs with Draiman keeping things very clean in the vocal department all throughout the track, just to be followed by 'Penance' which from its very first notes injects an unhealthy doze adrenaline and unease into the system. Third track on the album 'Villify' drifts into futuristic industrial rock. Imagine of listening to a new NINE INCH NAILS album just with a big chunk of pop appeal.

'Close My Eyes Forever' can be considered the album's ballad and aside from being a cover of a track Ozzy once did with Lita Ford, is also a duet with Lizzy Hale of very popular outfit HALESTORM. Must say their voicees are on the same page. There's chemistry. On 'Out Of Line' we can welcome Serj Tankian who accompanies Draiman on a massive industrial rock storm, while on 'Opinion' no one less than Tom Morello adds some seriously ass-kicking riffs. 'War Of Lies' bears some prog influences with riffs and drums at some points playing different in different meters. Closing track through It All' comes rolling in with doomy riffs and scratching electronically laced drum parts, all melding with the emotional vocal delivery and ambient melodies to a memorable track that you will want to listen to again and again.

A perfectly produced, modern hybrid of industrial, rock and metal which is bound to be presented live and will cater for huge mosh pits at times.


01. You Think You Know 03:39
02. Penance 03:28
03. Villify 03:39
04. Close My Eyes Forever 04:36
05. Out Of Line 03:40
06. Hunted 03:53
07. Opinion 03:52
08. War Of Lies 04:05
09. Haze 04:24
10. Through It All 05:06


David Draiman
Geno Lenardo


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device st


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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