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Artist: Chiasm
Title: 11:11
Genre: Industrial
Release Date: 11th November 2012
Label: COP International

Album Review

CHIASM is a female solo-project in genre of Industrial. Everything is important in this presentation. On the one hand having “another“ Industrial album it is difficult to explain why the listener should pay attention to it, even if it is really worthy. So details are quite important. In general it is a nice piece of electronic music, not going on nerves, has good base, not bad arrangements and ideas. But it is still very easy to lost it in the ocean of the thousands of other works in this genre. So to details! First of all with her album '11:11' Chiasm proved the Girl-Power on the industrial scene. From the first minutes you dive into her music and she manages it to keep your attention till the very end. Despite of rough cold electronic base it has its female tenderness of the soft soufflé kissed by the morning sun and served by your beloved. It is also noticeable, that she works alone on her project, what makes it possible to fully open her personality in her work... or maybe also fooly... the songs and lyrics partly are quite simple and naive, but it brings even more charm in this work. So if you're looking for the female industrial - CHIASM's '11:11' is the best choice for the moment.


01. Petals
02. Angry Tree
03. I Want Some More
04. The Sea
05. Hideaway
06. So Lost
07. Draw A House
08. Answer In My Mind
09. Reliance
10. Obligatory
11. Space


Emileigh Rohn


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chiasm 1111


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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