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013,Tilburg, The Netherlands
September 23rd 2006
Disturbed, Nevermore and The Zico Chain

Just a couple of days before the completely sold out gig we learned that we could go to the gig as press. It was a big, but very welcome surprise.

The Zico Chain

The Zico Chain are named after a connection that all icons posses, from Maradonna to Madonna to Manson, to James Dean to Jim Morrison, to Joss Homme to Robert DeNiro etc…

The first band of the evening was The Zico Chain, an unknown threesome from Brighton. Even though their music differed from the other bands, they still had the task to open for two big names in the Metal Scene Nevermore and Disturbed, which is not an easy job. In the beginning of the set they seemed a little insecure, but after the first song they loosened up and rocked the place for a little 30 minutes. What grabbed my attention most was the quality of the sound and lighting, it was awful! The voice of Chris Glithero (vocals) was not to be heard for he was overruled by bass and guitar sound. I had come to 013 with high hopes, but was seeing them dashed at the first performance.

The band tried to make the best of it and, to their acclaim, succeeded admirably. By the end of their performance they had set the tone for the rest of the evening. As said before the quality of the light was awful. A lot of red was used and no frontlight which made it something very hard to see the moves or the emotions on the faces of the bandmember’s faces.
Music 7
Performance 7
Sound 4
Light  5
Total 6


“This Godless Endeavor” is the title of the band’s latest work to date. “This Godless Endeavor” captures “the most ripping guitar work we’ve recorded”, says vocalist Warrel Dane. Marking his NEVERMORE recording debut, guitarist Steve Smyth (ex-Testament/Dragonlord) joins core members Dane, Jeff Loomis, Jim Sheppard and Van Williams. Hugh Syme (Rush, Megadeth) provided stark album artwork. Appearing on the mainstage of Megadeth’s Gigantour throughout the summer as well as moving over to Europe for a string of summer festivals and a full club-tour by September, NEVERMORE ask you to venture out, to experience the unfathomable, to join them on This Godless Endeavor. An album determined to become a future classic of the metal movement…

Before the concert I had been given high hopes of Nevermore and a lot to look forward to. However, to me Nevermore seemed to suffer from the awful sound and lighting quality even more than the Zico Chain. Jef and Steve (both guitar). When the sound- and light-engineers at 013 finally woke up and started earning their wage, Nevermore was two thirds through their show, which they finished as best they could.

This severely impeded my first Nevermore-experience, although the band worked incredibly hard to make something of it, no matter what the adversities. There are always exceptions, off course, for a few people saw fit to throw empty beer-glasses at the band. This was neither appreciated by the band, nor the rest of the public. At the end of the gig Warrel (vocals) commented a girl for flashing her boobs: “You think we suck, but you were stupid enough to show me your tits anyway! That’s how stupid you are…’ and left the stage with a big smile.

Music 8
Performance 8
Sound 5
Light  5
Total 7


After an extended break and a few cancelled shows, Disturbed are more than ready to bring the sound of the new album to the fans. The intention is to reintroduce themselves with appearances at small clubs (500 fists) then to make the leap to bigger venues (1.000 fists). By the time they hope to see ten thousand fists punching in the air to the time of their new songs, Disturbed will be well on their way to proving how dynamic their lean-and-mean hard rock stage really is.  

By this time both the sound and the lighting had significantly improved, much to the enjoyment of the fans, myself included. From the second Distubed started playing the audience was riveted, enthralled and very much disturbed! Even though the lead vocalist, David Draiman, experienced some lapses in vocal range and power, his stage presence and enthusiasm more than made up for these lapses. The sound was better balanced than the support acts, but it could have been better.

Combined with the rest of the band’s energy and mixed with an audience that has long awaited the return of this enigmatic group made this night unforgettable. The crowd was treated to songs from The Sickness, Believe and Ten Thousand Fists that were all greeted with applause and raised fists. The lack of the previous bands according the lighting was greatly improved: Disturbed came with a perfectly well balanced light show, which suited the entire gig very well.
Music 8
Performance 9
Sound 7
Light  8
Total 8

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