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Band name: Nevermore
Title: This Godless Endeavor
Genre: Heavy / Trash Metal
Release date: 2005-07-26
Record company/label: Century Media Records


After the heavily criticised 2003´s  “Enemies of Reality” Nevermore demonstrate that they are still in business. With their newest album “This Godless Endeavor” the band delivers a sophisticated piece of metal worthy to be considered as a must-have.  Due to Andy Sneap being back in the production chair the sound is very clear and much better than their 5th full-length album. Every instrument comes into its own and Warrel Dane managed to improve his vocal performance a lot. Not to mention that it´s the first time he´s not drunk while recording an LP as he admitted several weeks ago.


Warrel Dane – vocals
Jeff Loomis – lead, rhythmn and acoustic guitars
Steve Smyth – lead, rhythmn and acoustic guitars
Jim Sheppard – bass
Van Williams – drums


Song review

1. Born -  5:05

This song is the perfect choice for the opener. Starting with grueling drums and a quite creeping riffing only to speed up after a few seconds it already paints a disturbing picture of a dismal future offering nothing but irredeemability. The chorus is sung in clean vocals giving the listener the impression of grieve and resignation.
One of the heaviest and fastest compositions and definitely one of my favourites on this album.

2. Final Product - 4:21

This one´s a quite catchy song being dominated by Dane´s sentimental vocals and supported by a fancy rhythm guitar. Nice solo in the middle of the track.

3. My Acid Words -  5:41

That song will make many of the older fans happy. Starting with a sluggish riffster it soon begins to get faster and forces the listener to bang his head to the pushing guitar play. The vocals perfectly underline this song´s straightforward character.

4. Bittersweet Feast – 5:01

Also beginning with a slow intro this song is much more depressing and dragging. The build-up of tension once again is created by Warrel´s vocals only to be boosted by squelching riffing and an impressive guitar solo. This one is worth its title.

5. Sentient 6 – 6:58

A quite calm ballad with a depresing piano part at the beginning and augmenting its intensitiy every minute. One more time it offers a stunning solo and blasting drums at the end of the track.

6. Medicated Nation – 4:02

A typical mid-tempo classic providing nothing less nothing more than solid riffing and nasty almost aggressive vocals.

7. The Holocaust of Thought – 1:27

Nothing more than a little interlude giving us the chance to calm down and prepare for the following songs to come.

8. Sell my Heart for Stones – 5:18

The second ballad on This Godless Endeavor. I consider this one as the worst song on this album as it doesn´t transport the band´s delight in playing. In my eyes it is a not much more than a better interlude. The composition appears dull and there is no element being able to arouse the listener´s attention.

9. The Psalm of Lydia – 4:16
Immediately breaking out with a stunning rhythm guitar followed by a nice guitar line this song is also one of my favourites. It combines clever breaks with the beseeching vocals of Dane and nasty riffs.

10. A Future Uncertain – 6:07
Due to its slow tempo at the beginning this track deceives the auditor as the tempo soon increases with a catchy acoustic guitar followed by a blasting guitar riff only to be lead once again into another slow part.
This scheme continues the whole song only interrupted by a single guitar solo.

11. This Godless Endeavor – 8:55
The title song is as well the longest one on this LP and gets on (or should I say closes) with the characteristic feeling of this album. Again the first part is quite slow and calm giving us the oppurtunity to gather our last powers in order to bang our heads to the propellent guitar riffs and excellent drum work. Good choice for the last song !

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Technical Summary

Total playing time :  57:16
Total songs : 11


This album definitely is one of the best pieces of Metal published this year. The sound is excellent and the compositions are fancy and originally. The album transports everything Nevermore stands for and most of the song offer almost everything the common Metalhead needs. The only drawback are the slow ballads Sell my Heart for Stones and  A Future Uncertain that cannot compete with the rest of this stunning masterwork. A must-have !


Music 9
Sound 10
Extra’s -
Total 9 (9.4)

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