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decaying thelastdaysofwar
Artist: Decaying
Album: The Last Days Of War
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 20th May 2013
Label: Hellthrasher Productions

Album Review

Death metal and war themes seem quite common in the last few years, and DECAYING is no exception. Drawing on influences such as DISMEMBER, IMMOLATION, and HAIL OF BULLETS, the band unleashes a firestorm of an album just two years after their debut for number three. Some might think that a band who releases and album each year would eventually slip up with make things too repetitive, but DECAYING keep things fresh by continuing to produce a clear sound and enjoyable riffs while making the machine gun drum effect. After opening with the drawn out ‘Preparation’, ‘Code Name Overlord’ charges forth with chugging riffs and a mix of throaty snarls and growls that sound grittier than the music itself.

True as the song plays out the band tends to keep things simple and there isn't much variation between the riffs. The solos also seem a bit limited, which is a surprise for brutal death metal, but Finland's quartet know how to keep audiences going with crushing speeds, such as the following track which just blitzkriegs its way through, ignoring the slower, doomier passages of the previous track. ‘Last Days Of War’ is one of the slower pieces the just grinds along, feeling like it has more of BOLT THROWER influence to the music but delivers with the same kind of dominance. The wailing snarls seem a bit out of place compared to the deeper growls, but they serve as a balancing factor for the overall sound to prevent things from being monotonous.

DECAYING also throw in a few more melodic lines than the average “war death metal” band. ‘Passchendaele’, a subject that has been tackled by more than one death metal band out there in the last few years, is one of the most melodic tracks on the album where the band shows their best ability to perform solos while keeping a base rhythm going; there is even some heavy groove death metal going on here that could appeal to fans of groups like TORTURE KILLER. Overall the album definitely has a DISMEMBER feel to it with the guitar tones and switch between fast chugging to slow, drawn out riffs but the sound is still cleaner. Most average death metal fans will find this quite appealing with little to complain about save the for the album topic which has been addressed by many other death metal bands in a similar sound and manner.


01. Preparation
02. Code Name Overlord
03. The Ardennes Offensive
04. Firestorm
05. The Last Days Of War
06. Passchendaele
07. El Alamein
08. The Pacific


Henri Hirvonen – Guitars
Benjam Lahdenpää – Drums
Sebastian Bergman – Bass


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decaying thelastdaysofwar


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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