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airwolf gobigorgobust
Artist: Airwolf One aka Alberto Trevisan
Title: Go Big Or Go Bust
Genre: Big Beat / Progressive / Trip Hop
Release date : 1st May 2013
Label : Alberto Trevisan Records / Digital stores only (iTunes etc...)

Album Review

Another discovery to me... AIRWOLF ONE. It's the project of the multi-talented Alberto Trevisan. As ‘Morning Jam’, a 3mn instrumental opening track, starts, we could think we have here a kind of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS with synths and a funkier touch but the following song, ‘Go Big Or Go Bust’ featuring Geoff Pinckney from TENEK on vocals, carries on with this RHCP touch but starts to pave the road to the Big Beat sound. This is a kick ass track! ‘Thunderstuck’ has a more progressive house feel and female vocals, still relying on big beats. Reminds me of early PRODIGY and FAITHLESS, certainly a clubbing hit. ‘Higgs Boson Rocks’ is a bit lower in tempo but still very much beat driven. Syncopated beats, wha wha rhythm guitars parts, big synth pads and pizzicatos for an instrumental track that could be very much used in an episode of ‘The Experts’.

‘Hearts Up’ is more progressive (close to 6mn) and makes me think of Steven Wilson. Female haunting voice over guitar's arpeggios building and building a beautiful instrumental track to which you can figure out yourself driving in beautiful and desert landscapes. As the next title states, ‘Big Beat Is Coming Back’. Although very good in term of production, ideas and sound, the track maybe suffers of a lack of direction or melody... maybe it's just me thinking so… ‘Minimalist vs Maximalist’ is more electro driven and could move a couple of asses on any dance floor. ‘Insight’ is on a lower tempo, almost trip hop while ‘Whatz Next’ is back to FAITHLESS’ later productions, a mixture of dance beats, real instruments and trip hop touches here and there.

And the rest of the album still carries on alternating dancy tracks such as ‘’The Noise Of Silence Blue’ and Trip Hop / Syncopated and more experimental tracks (‘Big Bada Boom’, ‘Reborn From Ashes’). And it's on that note that ends the album with ‘State Of The Market’, with US samples from the stock market news. Overall, a very well-produced album with very interesting ideas and melodies, sounds and landscapes. Definitely not the kind of album from which you will whistle or sing songs under your shower as we are far away from pop format. But an album that could fit your search for cool and groovy beats when in a relaxing mood as, despite the album title and some of the club tunes, we are not here with a new energetic PRODIGY thing. If you're interested in FAITHLESS, Trip Hop, Steven Wilson, RHCP or PRODIGY’s first albums, you really should give it a try.


01. Morning Jam
02. Go Big Or Go Bust (feat Geoff Pinckney)
03. Thunderstuck (Airwolf One Cover)
04. Higgs Boson Rocks
05. Hearts Up
06. Big Beat Is Coming Back
07. Minimalist vs Maximalist
08. Insight
09. Whatz Next
10. The Noise Of Silence Blue
11. Reborn From The Ashes
12. Big Bada Boom
13. State Of The Market (Re Edition 2013)


Alberto Trevisan all instrument and production

With the participation of...
Geoff Pinckney aka Tenek: lead and backing vocals on "Go Big or Go Bust" 
Andreas Stickel: lead bass on "Big Beat is Coming Back", "The Noise of Silence-Blue" and "Big Bada Boom" 
Francesca Macconi: backing and lead vocals on "Thunderstruck-Airwolf One cover" 
Antonino Stella: lead guitars on "Hearts Up" additional guitars on "Big Bada Boom" and "Insight" 
Gianfilippo Innocenti: lead guitars on "Big Bada Boom" 
Valerio Recenti aka MYPROPANE bluesy guitar picks and guitar arpeggio on refrain 

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airwolf gobigorgobust


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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