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brokenhope omenofdisease
Artist: Broken Hope
Album: Omen Of Disease
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 27th September 2013
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

After nearly a fourteen year hiatus, death metal crushers BROKEN HOPE are back on the map and still prove their can deliver music. Of course, after being away for so long, the demands and levels of brutal music has changed since the late 90s, so the band has stepped up their game, creating a cross between early ALL SHALL PERISH and mid era DEEDS OF FLESH. Track after track is a churning, yet slightly melodic storm of brief shots of music- with the length of some of these tracks some might thing they were listening to Grindcore rather than the more typical death metal that runs about three or more minutes. The deep throat growls usually dominate most of the album but here and there the band will throw in some screeches for good measure such as on ‘Ghastly’. But, for the most part, listeners are going to get a track like ‘The Docking Dead’: fast, relentless and uncompromising in sound.

The downside to this is that fans who have heard too many death metal bands and are looking for something fresh are going to be quite disappointed. While BROKEN HOPE are doing what they do best, their comeback is not quite as ferocious or outstanding as other bands who have made comebacks this year, such as CARCASS. Track after track BROKEN HOPE will beat the same dead horse with their sound, and while it is impressive for a 90s set era, when compared to groups like THE PROJECT HATE and NILE and even DEEDS OF FLESH who have stepped out of their boundaries of 90s death metal and tried to keep up with the modern demands, it feels like the album falls a bit short. However, those looking for something to rekindle the glory of the 90s- 'Omen Of Disease' does just that. Plus, the last two tracks are a live testimony to the band's ability to deliver a brutal live performance, showing that the band is definitely more man driven than machine and doesn't need to rely on production overlays for a crisp, automated sound.


01. Septic Premonitions (Intro) - 1:18 
02. Womb of Horrors - 3:09 
03. Ghastly - 2:42 
04. The Flesh Mechanic - 2:32 
05. Rendered into Lard - 3:52 
06. Omen of Disease - 4:16 
07. The Docking Dead - 2:01 
08. Give Me the Bottom Half - 3:06 
09. Predacious Poltergeist - 2:37 
10. Blood Gullet - 1:40 
11. Carnage Genesis - 2:38 
12. Choked Out and Castrated - 3:39 
13. Incinerated (2013 Redux) - 2:29


Damian "Tom" Leski- Vocals
Mike Miczek- Drums
Shaun Glass- Bass
Jeremy Wagner- Guitars (rhythm), Lyrics
Chuck Wepfer- Guitars (lead)


Cover Picture

brokenhope omenofdisease


Sound: 5
Music: 5
Total: 5 / 10

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