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carcass surgicalremission
Artist: Carcass
Title: Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 14th November 2014
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

EP Review

Following on their highly acclaimed ‘Surgical Steel’ (2013), the band’s first release since 1996, their 2014 EP ‘Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel’ offers, as the name suggests, a collection of rare bonus tracks and previously unreleased material. The first track, ‘A Wraith in the Apparatus’, is a rather grooving but non-exciting track without particular tension, whereas ‘Intensive Battery Brooding’ is rather slow at first, ending rather unexpectedly and fast. The strangely-titled ‘Zochrot’ serves as slightly more straight-forward, while ‘Livestock Marketplace’ offers a nice surprise in form of almost clean vocals and an almost doomy undertone. ‘1985 (Reprise)’ closes the EP in a similar way as the similarly entitled intro from ‘Surgical Steel’.

To put it in a nutshell, ‘Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel’ provides exactly what it offers – all (or at least a selection) of songs from the ‘Surgical Steel’ sessions not included on the actual album. However, there seems to be a reason why (most) of the songs are not on the actual album – the overall mood not as dense and tight, except for maybe ‘Livestock Marketplace’. ‘Surgical Steel’ surely works well without these songs, but some fans might still appreciate of having them in their own collection.


01. A Wraith in the Apparatus
02. Intensive Battery Brooding
03. Zochrot
04. Livestock Marketplace
05. 1985 (Reprise)


Jeff Walker - Lead Vocals, Bass
Bill Steer - Lead Guitar, Vocals 
Daniel Wilding – Drums
Ben Ash - Guitar


Cover Picture

carcass surgicalremission


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10


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