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ArchEnemyDynamoMetalfest 2019 003IJssportcentrum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
19th & 20th July 2019
Dynamo Metal Fest 2019 Day 2 with Alien Weaponry, Tribulation, Armored Saint, Philip H. Anselmo, Metal Church, Soulfly, Carcass, Steel Panther, Arch Enemy

The second day of DYNAMO METALFEST starts with either coffee and/ or beer. A modest campsite has been opened for this first 2-day edition of DYNAMO METALFEST for those who “party like it’s the end of the world”. Weather forecast for today is capricious, resulting in varied levels of preparedness for rain showers and thunderstorms amongst the crowd: name them optimists versus pessimists.

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Alien Weaponry

ALIEN WEAPONRY is a Heavy Metal band from Waipu, New Zealand, formed in 2010 by brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong. They have Māori ancestry and several of their songs are written in the Māori language. In 2016 the band was named by UK Metal Hammer Magazine as one of New Zealand’s top 10 Hard Rock and Metal acts. The band toured Europe and North America for the first time in the latter half of 2018, performing as a supporting act for MINISTRY in their American tour. On the 17th of February, 2019, the band (alongside Radio New-Zealand) released a ten part documentary series entitled: ‘Alien Weaponry Shake Europe’, which documented their European tour the year prior. The band’s musical style has been described as Nu-Metal tinged Thrash, and thrashing Groove-Metal with the band naming Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, and LAMB OF GOD as inspirations. /

AlienWeaponryDynamoMetalfest 2019 003

Music & Performance
They are also often likened to a Māori version of Roots-era SEPULTURA, both for their musical style and infusion of indigenous culture into their music. The band consists of Lewis de Jong (guitar and vocals), Henry de Jong (drums), and Ethan Trembath (bass guitar). ALIEN WEAPONRY seems determined to show the Dutch what they’re made off, and their impressive kick-off can be heard loud and well from the parking lot. These young kiwi’s don’t play around and serve DYNAMO METALFEST with a piece of breakfast that is hard not to like. Do keep an eye on these kids in the future!

AlienWeaponryDynamoMetalfest 2019 002

01. PC Bro
02. Holding My Breath
03. Rage - It Takes Over Again
04. Te Ara
05. Hypocrite
06. Urutaa
07. Nobody Here
08. The Things That You Know
09. Blinded
10. Ahi Ka
11. Kai Tangata
12. Whispers
13. Raupatu
14. Rū Ana Te Whenua

AlienWeaponryDynamoMetalfest 2019 001


TRIBULATION are a Swedish Heavy Metal band from Arvika that formed in 2005. In early 2009, the band released its debut studio album, ‘The Horror’. Their second full-length studio album, ‘The Formulas of Death’, was released in 2013. In 2015, they released their third full-length studio album ‘Children of the Night’ which showed a departure from the Death Metal sound of their first two albums, drawing significantly on traditional Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Gothic Rock, as well as the occult and supernatural mythology. TRIBULATION are Johannes Andersson (vocals, bass), Jonathan Hultén (guitars), Oscar Leander (drums) and Adam Zaars (guitars). /

TribulationDynamoMetalfest 2019 003TribulationDynamoMetalfest 2019 004

Music & Performance
TRIBULATON could easily be the most pleasant surprise to perform at this festival. Their early spot on today’s schedule just set the bar high for the bands up next. A fascinating performance from these skilled musicians took the crowd on a dark journey with their unique sound of heavy Black Metal with some serious gaze influences. Mesmerizing!

TribulationDynamoMetalfest 2019 001

01. Melancholia
02. Nightbound
03. The Lament
04. The Motherhood of God
05. Cries From the Underworld
06. The World
07. Strange Gateways Beckon
08. Lacrimosa
09. Outro (Across the Universe

TribulationDynamoMetalfest 2019 002

Armored Saint

ARMORED SAINT is an American Heavy Metal band, formed in 1982 in Los Angeles, California. To date, they have released seven studio albums, one EP, two live albums and one compilation album. As one of the leaders of the Los Angeles Heavy Metal scene, ARMORED SAINT achieved moderate success during the 1980s with their 1983 self-titled EP and first three studio albums: ‘March of the Saint’ (1984), ‘Delirious Nomad’ (1985) and ‘Raising Fear’ (1987). Prior to the release of their fourth studio album, ‘Symbol of Salvation’ (1991), the band was plagued by extended inactivity, due to record company issues and the death of their original guitarist Dave Prichard, who died of leukaemia in 1990. ARMORED SAINT eventually broke up when Bush joined ANTHRAX in 1992 to replace Joey Belladonna, but reunited in 1999, and has continued to tour and record since then. /

AmoredSaintDynamoMetalfest 2019 001

Music & Performance
ARMORED SAINT is John Bush (vocals), Phil Sandoval (guitar), Jeff Duncan (guitar), Joey Vera (bass) and Gonzo Sandoval (drums). Bringing back memories from about 30 years before, ARMORED SAINT has clearly been around the block. A little older and perhaps even wiser, but most of all very experienced, they set up a well-organized and energetic set that takes the audience through a hint of their substantial repertoire. Age is but a number; these guys know how to rock!

AmoredSaintDynamoMetalfest 2019 002

01. Raising Fear
02. Can U Deliver
03. Creepy Feelings
04. Last Train Home
05. Underdogs
06. Seducer
07. Reign of Fire
08. Win Hands Down
09. Nervous Man
10. March of the Saint
11. Mad House

AmoredSaintDynamoMetalfest 2019 003

Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals

The American Heavy Metal musician is best known as the lead vocalist for PANTERA, DOWN, and SUPERJOINT RITUAL. He is also the owner of Housecore Records and has been involved with several other bands. With an ego that effortlessly expands beyond the stage, PHIL ANSELMO enters the stage to give the audience a piece of legend. And Mr. ANSELMO and the illegals get a warm welcome from an eager crowd. But it is only after an extreme rain shower sets in, that the atmosphere really gets going. No fucks were given whatsoever by a stubborn crowd of metal heads as ‘Fucking hostile’ blasts through the ice skating rink.

PhilipHAnselmoDynamoMetalfest 2019 005

A serious PANTERA revival came to life with a loud singing, screaming and moshing audience while enormous amounts of water poured down from the sky. As we say in Dutch, we are not made out of sugar (i.e. can handle a little or a lot of rain). /

01. Mouth for War (Pantera cover)
02. Becoming (Pantera cover)
03. Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit (Pantera cover)
04. I’m Broken (Pantera cover)
05. This Love (Pantera cover)
06. Walk (Pantera cover) (with Max Cavalera)
07. Fucking Hostile (Pantera cover)
08. Domination / Hollow (Pantera cover)

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Metal Church

The American Heavy Metal band was founded in 1980 in San Francisco, California. Their eponymous debut album was released in 1984, and their latest, ‘XI’, was released in 2016. After releasing five full-length albums and touring extensively throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, METAL CHURCH disbanded in 1994. They reformed four years later with their classic line-up but endured numerous line-up changes thereafter, releasing three further studio albums while fronted by Ronny Munroe before again disbanding in July 2009. The group once again reunited in October 2012 and released their tenth studio album ‘Generation Nothing’ a year later. /

MetalChurchDynamoMetalfest 2019 002MetalChurchDynamoMetalfest 2019 003

Music & Performance
Following Munroe’s departure in the fall of 2014, Howe re-joined METAL CHURCH in April 2015 at Vanderhoof’s request, and recorded their eleventh studio album, ‘XI’. METAL CHURCH is Mike Howe (vocals), Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar), Rick Van Zandt (guitar), Jeff Plate (drums) and Steve Unger (bass). Their show was under serious threat of thunderstorms by looking at the weather forecast, but somehow METAL CHURCH made the sun shine. There seems to be no end to the energy and vibe of these well-experienced musicians, and each and every show they give it all.

MetalChurchDynamoMetalfest 2019 004

01. Damned If You Do
02. Needle and Suture
03. Badlands
04. Gods of Second Chance
05. Date with Poverty
06. Start the Fire
07. No Friend of Mine
08. Watch the Children Pray
09. The Black Things
10. Beyond the Black
11. By the Numbers

MetalChurchDynamoMetalfest 2019 001


SOULFLY is an American Heavy Metal band formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997. In an interview with Max in 2015, it is revealed that the band’s name was taken from the song ‘Headup’ by DEFTONES, a song that Max collaborated on. The original lyrical content revolved around spirituality, political and religious themes, with later albums encompassing other themes including war, violence, aggression, slavery, hatred and anger. SOULFLY is led by former SEPULTURA frontman Max Cavalera, who formed the band after he left the Brazilian group in 1996. To date the band has released eleven studio albums, one tour EP, twenty-three singles, one video album, and twelve music videos. Their debut album, ‘Soulfly’, was released on April 21, 1998, while their most recent album, ‘Ritual’, was released on October 19, 2018. SOULFLY is Max Cavalera (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Marc Rizzo (Lead Guitar), Mike Leon (Bass Guitar) and Zyon Cavalera (Drums).

SoulflyDynamoMetalfest 2019 002

Music & Performance
SOULFLY incorporates many styles of Metal with Brazilian Tribal and World Music. The band has gone through numerous line-up changes, with Cavalera being the only constant member. For oldskool fans and lovers of the Cavalera brothers, this gig certainly must have been a treat. Despite being a fan of some of their work, their performance seemed to lack the original energy and was comprised of too much obvious routine, cheap tricks and calls for sing-a-longs, jump-arounds etc.

01. The Summoning
02. Under Rapture
03. Fire
04. Porrada
05. Bleed / Plata o Plomo
06. Prophecy
07. Arise Again
08. Babylon
09. No Hope = No Fear (with Guitar Solo as outro)
10. Tribe (w/Berimbau long intro)
11. Ritual
12. Dead Behind the Eyes
13. Back to the Primitive
14. Feedback! (w/"No" snippet as outro)
15. Jumpdafuckup / Eye for an Eye (w/"Crazy Train" instrumental snippet as outro)

SoulflyDynamoMetalfest 2019 001


The English Extreme Metal band from Liverpool was formed in 1985. They broke up in 1996, but reformed almost 10 years later without one of its original members, drummer Ken Owen, due to health reasons. To date, the band have released six studio albums, two compilation albums, four EPs, two demo albums, one video album, and six music videos. CARCASS are regarded as pioneers of the Goregrind genre. Their early work was also tagged as “splatter death metal”, and “hardgore” on account of their morbid lyrics and gruesome album covers. They also became one of the pioneers of Melodic Death Metal with their 1993 album ‘Heartwork’.

CarcassDynamoMetalfest 2019 001

Music & Performance
The band’s lyrics often focus on animal rights issues. Walker and Steer are both vegetarians. Steer used to be vegan and Walker was a hunt saboteur. CARCASS is Bill Steer (guitars), Jeff Walker (bass / vocals), Daniel Wilding (drums) and Tom Draper (guitars). CARCASS definitely has a reputation in the scene and their performance was enthusiastically received by a moshing, crowd surfing and screaming crowd. Me, I went over to the food corner for a pancake (cheese, bacon, syrup) to watch all this from a distance. And life was good.

CarcassDynamoMetalfest 2019 002

01. 1985 (intro)
02. 316L Grade Surgical Steel
03. Buried Dreams
04. Exhume to Consume
05. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
06. Unfit for Human Consumption
07. Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
08. Captive Bolt Pistol
09. Genital Grinder
10. This Mortal Coil
11. Death Certificate
12. Black Star / Keep On Rotting in the Free World
13. Corporal Jigsore Quandary
14. Heartwork
15. Carneous Cacoffiny (Outro)

CarcassDynamoMetalfest 2019 003

Steel Panther

STEEL PANTHER is a Los Angeles, California based Glam Metal parody band founded by former LA Guns vocalist Ralph Saenz (Michael Starr). Originally formed as METAL SKOOL and METAL SHOP they’re known for their energetic live show, the longest running Metal show on the Sunset Strip. On stage, the band both pays tribute to and lampoons the heyday of 80’s Glam Metal. The band’s between-song comedy includes jests at conflict between band members, discussions of drugs, sex, and improvised humour with the crowd. The band released their first album, ‘Feel the Steel’, in 2009 followed by their sophomore effort, ‘Balls Out’ in 2011. After the release of a live DVD ‘British Invasion’ in 2012, STEEL PANTHER started working on their third studio album. In 2014, ‘All you can Eat’ came out. STEEL PANTHER is Michael Starr (lead Vocals), Satchel (Lead Guitar), Lexxi Foxx (Bass) and Stix Zadina (Drums). /

SteelPantherDynamoMetalfest 2019 009

Music & Performance
STEEL PANTHER is great at what they do, making not so glamorous Glam Rock while giggling over dicks and titties. Their shows are entertaining to many and it must be said their musical skills fortunately stretch beyond their colourful spandex and tiger prints. Nevertheless, being a female of the human species in the age of #metoo, I am somewhat eyeballing a certain group of colleagues that still eagerly engage in their thirteen in a dozen show with seventeen girls in a row. It takes two to tango! But perhaps ‘that’s what women were born to do’.

SteelPantherDynamoMetalfest 2019 007

01. Eyes of a Panther
02. Goin’ in the Backdoor
03. You Really Got Me (The Kinks cover)
04. Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World
05. Just Like Tiger Woods
06. All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)
07. Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
08. 17 Girls in a Row
09. Community Property
10. Death to All but Metal
11. Gloryhole

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Arch Enemy

The  Swedish Melodic Death Metal band ARCH ENEMY hails from Halmstad, Sweden. The band was founded in 1996 by CARCASS guitarist Michael Amott along with Johan Liiva, both originally from the influential Death Metal band CARNAGE. The band was first fronted by Johan Liiva, who was replaced by Angela Gossow as lead vocalist in 2000, and with Gossow stepping down in March 2014 and being replaced by Canadian singer Alissa White-Gluz, formerly lead singer for THE AGONIST. Gossow remains connected to the band though in the role of manager. ARCH ENEMY has released nine studio albums, a live album (Burning Japan Live 1999), two DVDs and three EPs. /

ArchEnemyDynamoMetalfest 2019 001

Music & Performance
With the replacement of Gossow, a new album was announced as well. The album ‘War Eternal’ was released in 2014. ARCH ENEMY is Alissa White-Gluz (vocals), Michael Amott (guitars), Jeff Loomis (guitars), Sharlee D’Angelo (bass) and Daniel Erlandsson (drums). ARCH ENEMY is a worthy headliner of this year’s edition of DYNAMO METALFEST. With risers, pyro’s and impossible lighting for photos, power woman Alissa White-Gluz and her guys don’t take no for an answer. The crowd will ‘know their name’ ‘as the pages burn’. Jokes aside, ARCH ENEMY puts up an engaging show, especially for fans and newcomers.

ArchEnemyDynamoMetalfest 2019 002

01. Set Flame to the Night
02. The World Is Yours
03. Ravenous
04. War Eternal
05. My Apocalypse
06. The Race
07. You Will Know My Name
09. Under Black Flags We March
09. Dead Eyes See No Future
10. The Eagle Flies Alone
11. First Day in Hell
12. Saturnine
13. As the Pages Burn
14. No Gods, No Masters
15. We Will Rise
16. Guitar Solo (Jeff Loomis)
17. Snow Bound
18. Nemesis
19. Fields of Desolation
20. (Outro)
21. Enter the Machine

ArchEnemyDynamoMetalfest 2019 003

Even before this year’s edition was over, the first name has already been announced for next year and early bird tickets for another two-day Dynamo edition have been launched. No one less than oldskool groovers of SEPULTURA will hit the stage. See you next year Dynamo!

All pictures by Ruth Mampuys

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