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EvanescencePalladium, Cologne, Germany
9th July 2017
Evanescence & Revolution Eve

The hard rockers have disembarked in Cologne with their ‘Bring Me to Life’ world tour, their first since 2012’s ‘Evanescence Tour’. Amy Lee and Co. have played occasional shows in 2015, a few months after the departure of long-time guitarist Terry Balsamo, who was replaced by German singer and guitarist Jen Majura, bassist for folk metal band EQUILIBRIUM. "Just when you thought I was off the hard stuff! It's going to feel amazing to step back onstage with the band this fall," front woman Amy Lee tells Rolling Stone. "We had such a tight gel solidifying onstage the last few shows, and were enjoying it so much, we were all lamenting that it was so short and have been on the lookout for more opportunities to play live."

Revolution Eve

The gals of REVOLUTION EVE are hitting the stage with their infectious post-alternative-rock sounds. This group of power-house ladies came together in 2012 to put their musical acumen and love for stage together - the result: an explosive, all-female, sexy rock show like nothing you’ve experienced today. Electronic beats mixed with hard rock drums and metal guitars lend to the band’s heavy yet just-melodic-enough sound. Although it’s a sound REVOLUTION EVE has all its own, their demanding and driving compositions, some say, take you in the neighbourhood of LINKIN PARK, BREAKING BENJAMIN, SKUNK ANANSIE and GUANO APES. The lead-singer, Diana Nagel’s melodic and powerful voice, ranging from soft and melancholic to aggressive and lashing, adds to the signature sound of the band delivering a high-energy charge that will move and rock you into a passionate fury. [Extracted from their home page] /


Music & Performance
The almost endless queue that was waiting before the doors opened proved that hardly anyone wanted to arrive right before the show and get a random place. So the venue was nearly full when REVOLUTION EVE entered the stage. Musically and especially visually it’s hard to relate them to the bands they self-relate to. I didn’t find much of those ‘infectious post alternative-rock' sounds. Furthermore they gave me the impression of a 80s heavy metal band, cheap outfits included, with a power metal sound. The audience reacted moderately enthusiastic while the girls on stage really give it all. The cheering was quite enthusiastic, as their 30 minute act was over. In a nutshell the 4000 fans in the hall wanted only one person: Amy Lee!

01. Arise
02. Among the Living
03. Perfect Bitch
04. Girl with the Candlebox
05. The Hive
06. Prey
07. Pretty Knock Out

Music: 5
Performance: 6
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 6.2 / 10



With two Grammy's, more than 25 million sold albums and many singles illustrate the international success of one of the greatest phenomena in the US rock scene of the last decade. The group took five years between their second album in 2006 (‘The Open Door’) and third in 2011 (‘Evanescence’). In 2016 Lee recorded the solo children’s album ‘Dream Too Much’, inspired by her 2-year-old son, and is returning to her metal roots. Last December, the band released ‘The Ultimate Collection’, a box containing all their studio work (including the long-running debut album ‘Origin’) plus a new song. This box marked the return of the band to the spotlight after a four-year break. After their first acclaimed comeback performances in the autumn in Japan and the USA, the quintet arrived in Germany for only one concert at the Palladium in Cologne. /


Music & Performance
It was a hot evening and the waiting time between the guest band and the main act seemed to be endless. With background music, as usual, the crew began to prepare the stage. Suddenly the music stopped when a staff member began vacuuming... then QUEEN’s 'I want to break free' began to play, which music video features Freddie Mercury as a housewife with a vacuum cleaner The public exploded of fun and cell phones began filming. I do not know if this was planned because that guy seemed surprised but at the same time delighted with the situation, to which he added good humour notes. EVANESCENCE reformed for a world tour in the midst of recording their latest album, ‘Synthesis’, set to come out later this year. Finally at around 21:10 the lights went out and Palladium roared with cheers once the band burst on stage full throttle with their acclaimed single ‘Everybody’s Fool’. Amy Lee graced the stage head-banging her iconic long black hair, delivering every high sparkling note she is renowned for in an impeccable manner. The set began with a powerful impact on the audience, which was immediately captivated.


It continued with the single off their self-titled album, ‘What You Want’, the acrobatic skills of Will Hunt’s drumming were matched, if not somewhat overpowered by the singer’s impressive resounding tonality. After thunderous metallic riffs and explosive drumming clamour to ‘Going Under’ and ‘The Other Side’, a grand piano took centre stage, spotlights beamed on Lee as she sat behind it for the melancholic ‘Lithium’. Following a light show depicting the theatrical Goth Rock ambience, delivering the night’s bouquet of dysphoric lyrics wrapped in emotional slow ballads as well as heavy spurges of dramatic energy. After ‘Say You Will’ came the awaited ‘My Immortal’ with the whole venue singing along in partial harmony, allowing Lee to bear the high notes. Whether she was rocking out at the front of the stage fist pumping along to the hard hitting beats of drummer, Will Hunt, or if she was sitting at her piano, one couldn't help but notice Amy Lee's joy whenever the crowd erupted at the end of the songs.


While some of the band members have changed overtime, this by far, is the strongest and tightest line-up I've ever seen. Finally detonated the notorious melody for their debut single ‘Bring Me to Life’, an explosion of powerful guitar solos and almost ritual drumming within the song’s blazing nostalgia. The encore sealed off the night with ‘Disappear’.

01. Everybody’s Fool
02. What You Want
03. Going Under
04. The Other Side
05. Lithium
06. Breath For More
07. My Heart is Broken
08. Made of Stone
09. Haunted
10. Weight of The World
11. Say You Will
12. My Immortal
13. Your Star
14. Whisper
15. Sober
16. Imaginary
17. Bring me to Life
18. Disappear

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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