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chvrches loveisdead
Artist: Chvrches
Title: Love is Dead
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 25th May 2018
Label: Vertigo Berlin (Universal Music)

Album Review

‘Love is Dead’ is the 3rd album from CHVRCHES and it’s time to notice them. The whole long-player is the right music to make a road trip and to enjoy the wind the hair. I’m normally a person who is careful with female vocals paired with Synth Pop but here it fits very well. ‘Grafitti’ is the opener and directly starts very playful and brings us in a good mood. Next up is ‘Get Out’ which starts a bit rougher in sound which is good and Lauren’s vocals remind me a bit on 80’s sound. ’Deliverance’ is number three and is a dreamy and solid Synth song. Song number four, ‘My Enemy’, is featuring Matt Berninger of THE NATIONAL and great symbiosis because both vocals amplify each other. Next track is ‘Forever’ which is a very danceable and happy song. Makes you tap with your toes while listening.

Number six is ‘Never say Die’ which is a seamless crossover from the track before but it’s a bit more powerful. ’Miracle’ as next track is starting with the clear vocals of Lauren and is keeping the power up of the whole album. Track number eight is ‘Graves’ and is a party song even though the title says different. The chorus makes us dance and have fun. Song number nine is ‘Heaven/ Hell’ is a bit more serious and more melancholic which is good because with Synth Pop songs sways always a bit melancholy. ‘God’s plan’ brings us a surprise because it’s sung by Martin Dohnerty and is a bit adventurous which is good because through that the album stays interesting. Number eleven is ‘Really Gone’, a slow track and it is very thoughtful. Time to relax! Next track is ’ii’ and this is starting with some organic piano sounds and is just an instrumental track. Last but not least comes ‘Wonderland’ and closes the album with typical CHVRCHES sound. Happy and danceable! People who like bands like THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE will enjoy CHVRCHES.


01. Graffiti
02. Get Out
03. Deliverance
04. My Enemy
05. Forever
06. Never Say Die
07. Miracle
08. Graves
09. Heaven/Hell
10. God’s Plan
11. Really Gone
12. Ii
13. Wonderland


Iain Cook
Lauren Mayberry
Martin Doherty

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chvrches loveisdead


Music: 8
Sound: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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