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atlanteankodex courseofempire
Artist: Atlantean Kodex
Title: The Course of Empire
Genre: European Epic Metal
Release Date: 13th September 2019
Label: Ván Records

Album Review

If there is a name for hype in the Metal scene it is ATLANTEAN KODEX, formed in 2005 by lyrical mastermind Manuel Trummer (guitar) and Florian Kreuzer (axe). They were joined by vocalist Markus Becker, Michael Koch (guitar) and Mario White (drums) in 2007. Shortly after assembling the complete band they released the ‘Pnakotic Demos’ and that's where their success story really started. From then on fans and critics went bananas over ‘The Golden Bough’, ‘The White Goddess’ and their third and most recent album, ‘The Course of Empire’. I am a newbie on this one, this is my first review about ATLANTEAN KODEX’ work. The first thing to notice is: this is at his best sound wise when you have a good stereo system or listen to it via headphones, Becker’s voice just sound best that way (and his vocals are too awesome to not be heard properly) so don’t listen to this via a normal PC, Laptop or your PS4 (Spotify at that) that way the vocals get lost in the musical shuffle.

Even if I had not read a lot about this bands musical influences I would have noticed they are massive MANOWAR fans, don’t get me wrong there is no mention of fire, steel, blood or the typical MANOWARian catchphrases but the feeling, the feeling is there oh boy it is! Once again I realize how different the Pop and Rock / Metal genre and their rules are, this is an album and it has to be heard that way, no singles no superficial crap here. ATLANTEAN KODEX is storytelling, not just something to bang your head to or drink yourself into oblivion to. The lyrics are always very much to digest, you really get sucked into ‘The Course of Empire’ if you take the time to sit down and give it a go (multiple times is way better). It is perfectly fine if you just dig the music (very talented bunch I must say) and raise your fist singing along but you can also lose yourself in the lyric complexity for a while.

I cannot say this is the best I ever heard because I was affected early on in my Metal life by bands like ICED EARTH, METALLICA and the likes but I can say this is very good, awesome and epic actually and maybe even the record of the year for me. If you never heard of ATANTEAN KODEX and you dig bands like VISIGOTH, MANOWAR, BATHORY, MANOWAR, SOLSTICE, FATES WARNING, CANDLEMASS, MANILLA ROAD, CIRITH UNGOL then you have to check them out.


01. The Alpha And The Occident (Rising From Atlantean Tombs)
02. People Of The Moon (Dawn Of Creation)
03. Lion Of Chaldea (The Heroes’ Journey)
04. Chariots (Descending From Zagros)
05. The Innermost Light (Sensus Fidei)
06. A Secret Byzantium (Numbered As Sand And The Stars)
07. He Who Walks Behind The Years (The Place Of Sounding Drums)
08. Spell Of The Western Sea (Among Wolves And Thieves)
09. The Course Of Empire (All Thrones in Earth And Heaven)
10. Die Welt von gestern (Abendland)


Markus Becker - Vocals & Choirs
Manuel Trummer - Rhythm Guitars
Coralie Baier - Lead Guitars
Florian Kreuzer - Bass & Choirs
Mario Weiß - Battery

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atlanteankodex courseofempire


Sound: 9
Music: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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