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conjuringfate curseofthefallen
Artist: Conjuring Fate
Title: Curse Of The Fallen
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 15th November 2019
Label: Pure Steel Records

Album Review

It is a seldom thing to review bands from Northern Ireland (Belfast to be precise). I don’t know the reason but I just don’t come across many musicians from that area. CONJURING FATE is an exception from that rule. Formed in 2005, ‘Curse Of The Fallen’ is their second full-length record to date.

In 2019, I was made aware that there is a band I should check out (the contact came from a mutual friend on Instagram). The new record was not done so I could not do one of my brilliantly written reviews at that time and because I involved myself with a lot of work both the band and me had soon forgotten our digital encounter. It was just lately that I read a few reviews and lots of praise about CONJURING FATE and their record, ‘Curse Of The Fallen’, and once again I got quite curious and wanted to have a go at the material myself. Luckily, I caught Phil Horner on the right foot and finally got my hands on this sweet stuff. So, let’s get a look at the press text:

“Hailing from the North coast of Northern Ireland, CONJURING FATE bring classic Heavy Metal in epic proportions! This highly energetic Heavy Metal band from Co. Antrim Northern Ireland was originally formed in 2005 by guitarist Phil Horner and vocalist Tommy Daly. Born from the love of all things Metal, guitarist Karl Gibson, bassist Steve Legear, and drummer Niall McGrotty joined forces to bring this Metal machine to the stage once again! Their style of Heavy Metal has been compared to bands such as IRON MAIDEN, ELIXIR & HELLOWEEN.”

I, myself also think that the musical approach of CONJURING FATE has a bit of a Teutonic sound to it sometimes like a mix of GRAVEDIGGER, SAXON and IRON MAIDEN would sound: heavy, old-school, very melodic and catchy as hell. Daly’s voice pretty much reminds me of Byford’s pipes to be honest, the less classic approach when it comes to pace and rhythm is what sets CONJURING FATE apart from bands that only do good worshipping. Every involved musician is pretty skilled in my book but I have to take up the cudgels on behalf of Niall Mc Grotty: his drumming is killer and if CONJURING FATE ever do the PANTERA trick and decide to go into a Thrash / Groove Metal direction he will be up to the task immediately. Check out CONJURING FATE if you like NWOBHM inspired metal with a modern touch to it.


01. The Premonition
02. Burn The Witch
03. Voodoo Wrath
04. Midnight Skies
05. Journey’s End
06. Daughter Of The Everglades
07. Night Of The Knives
08. No Escape
09. Children Of The Night
10. Original Sin


Phil Horner – Guitars
Tommy Daly – Vocals
Steve Leager – Bass
Karl Gibson – Guitars
Niall Mc Grotty – Drums

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conjuringfate curseofthefallen


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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