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Title: Fuck all Systems
Artist: Ambassador21
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 12th October 2007
Label: Vendetta Music

Album Review

Hailing from Belarus is the duo AMBASSADOR21 known for its uncompromising sound and with their most recent output ‘Fuck All Systems’ they’re also celebrating their fifth anniversary.

…and the duo deliberately chose the apt title for the album, because it really fucks everything, it flouts on every convention regarding electronic music, it just follows one agenda, the one of the artists behind this project and to shed some light onto the sound , we’re entering the fray and have a look at the first track ‘In Love’, no contemplative love song as you can guess but an unrelenting strike against our auditory channels abounding with distorted beat venom interrupted by short arpeggios of chaotic Drum’n’Bass. Don’t let the quite reluctant start of ‘Now I Complete & You will Suck’ fool you, it’s to lure you into security before hell breaks loose on you with frantic beats passing you by with breathtaking speed and whose distortion level was pushed to whole new dimensions. ‘Megeneration’ takes the same line before ‘Fat in Fire’ brings up the question if this is the same band as before; it sounds a bit like early improvised industrial with a rather tamed pace and alternating vocal passages, sadly this is the only positive facts to mention as the song doesn’t change a single bit; it’s the same beat and with small exceptions the same sequences from start to finish.

The title track here labelled as ‘Corporate Edition’ is a rather dichotomous issue as classic seeming piano passages and something that strangely reminds me of a particular 80s pop song collide with the elemental force of alarmingly warped beats that don’t seem to follow any recognizable scheme. ‘Strong, Brave, Angry’ and ‘Flesh of my Flesh’ can be filed under T for twins for using the same humming and incredibly fast beat patterns as base; the first one with evil female vocals and wailing guitar riffs, the latter one is  a pure instrumental maintaining a remarkable speed with a short slower interlude and a classic melody. Concluding the regular Tracklist is ‘Make it Loud’ a fascinating mixture of murderous rock riffs, paired with chaotic electronic outbursts and the martial power of the trademark distorted beats. For those who still have some power reserves left there’s a live track and some remixes of album songs fitting perfectly into the fabric of sound.

This really is a big matter of taste; some will say this is far too chaotic and there’s much too little structure in the songs and others will love just that. As for me I’m finding the complexity if the material impressing and there are songs on this release like ‘Fuck all Systems’ or ‘Make it Loud’ that are totally blow me away but overall it’s not really my cup of tea. Doesn’t mean it’s yours, just check out some snippets and forge an own opinion.


01 In Love – 5:18
02 Now I Complete & You Will Suck – 3:59
03 Megeneration – 4:25
04 Fat In Fire – 7:22
05 Fuck All Systems (Corporate Edition) – 4:03
06 Strong, Brave, Angry – 3:41
07 Flesh Of My Flesh – 3:28
08 Black Mix 66 – 4:51
09 Make It Loud – 3:29
10 Smell Of Exemplary Life (Live) – 3:34
11 Black Mix 66 (S.I.N.A. Remix) – 5:25
12 Fat In Fire (Imminent Remix) – 4:30
13 Fuck All Systems (Synapscape Remix) – 4:04


Alexey Protasov

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Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5


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