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suicideinside homicide
Artist: Suicide Inside
Title: Homicide
Genre: Industrial Breakbeat / Hard Electro
Release Date: 27th April 2012
Label: Alfa Matrix

Album Review

SUICIDE INSIDE is Natasha and Alexey, known also for their other project AMBASSADOR21. This duo surprises not just with Russian lyrics popping up in a couple of songs but also for a wall of raw electronic sound and powerful female vocals. The project was created 2005, and 2012 they released their 4th album, after numerous European tours and joining Alpha Matrix. This duo is truly called the answer to ATARI TEENAGE RIOT. Now let’s listen to the newest album ‘Homicide’. From the beginning it is clear, that the innovative work of the duo will bring a lot of joy. The album starts with electronic arrangement of a classical motive. Every track on the album is really powerful, energetic, and electric. The catchiest tracks for me are songs with Russian lyrics. First, it is the title song ‘Homicide’. In this track the duo combines quite lyrical motifs of Russian poetry with their insane electronic beats. There are two poems of Vladimir Mayakovskij: “Lilitschka (In stead of letter)” and “Listen!”

The first poem makes the song quite desperate, the lines taken from it are: “I won’t jump, I won’t drink poison, and I won’t be able to shot myself. No other razor has any power over me, except for your look.” The whole love-insanity is finished with the quote of another poem by Mayakovskij: “Listen! If stars are lit, it is something that somebody needs? Someone wants them to be and to last, even calls them pearls, those specs of spit. If stars are lit, it is something that somebody needs. 'Cause for someone it is so essential that every evening above the roofs there should be lit at least one star.” Right after this love-song which turns you inside out, there is a terrifying track lyrically close to COMBIHRIST, where Natasha shouts “I’ll teach you swallow” or “Even after my death the only sense I’ll have is… I’ll teach you swallow.” Other tracks on the album are as terrifying and amazing as these two, I just described. Musically the album is quite atmospheric and made really good. 100% electronic, very high and loud, decorated with some samples and female shouts as already mentioned. The outstanding and interesting work. Bravo SUICIDE INSIDE!


01. Goodbye My Love
02. Snake H
03. Razor
04. Homicide
05. Learn To Swallow H
06. Go Zonkers!
07. Power To Create Happiness
08. Till The End Of Time
09. Call Girl
10. Act Up
11. Say Yes


Alexey Protasov


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suicideinside homicide


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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