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ambassador21 riotgeneration
Artist: Ambassador21
Title: Riot Generation
Genre: Digital Hardcore
Release Date: 31st March 2014
Label: A21 Records/Restroom Records (as LP)

Album Review

Attention! This is unauthorized event! You might be punished for listening to this EP of AMBASSADOR21! But if you ask me, I would prefer to be punished for NOT listening to it! ‘Riot Generation’ is the best thing that could happen to digital hooligans around the world and you better have this. If you are into riots-romantic and against all the systems – AMBASSADOR21 is the best soundtrack for your protests. Who can know better about this kind of protests than this amazing duo, who originally came from Belorussia – also known as the last dictatorship in Europe. This record is full of anger and aggression supported by even more energy of such bands as XOTOX.

More over this release is also about fighting for your life. The EP is released after one of the duo members Alexey Protasov recovered after the throat cancer treatment. During the recovery fans all over the world supported the musician by crowd funding and the charity compilations ‘Fuck All Diseases’ and ‘3dorovie’. So everyone who donated and supported Alexey had a chance to receive a download link for the EP for free.


01. Riot Generation
02. Fuck All Systems 14
03. Fuck All Systems (Fuck Everything remix by The DJ Producer)
04. Riot Generation (Remix by Stormtrooper)
05. Fuck All Systems (Remix by Outside Agency)
06. Riot Generation (Remix by Teknoist)
07. Dope On (Remix by End.user)
08. Riot Generation (Delete the Elite mix by Gore Tech)
09. Dope On (Remix by Treponem Pal)
10. Riot Generation (Minimal mix by Xotox)


Natasha A Twentyone
Alexey Protasov

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ambassador21 riotgeneration


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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