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ewig geysterstundeII
Artist: Eden weint im Grab
Title: Geysterstunde II
Genre: Dark Metal / Horror Metal
Release Date: 29th August 2014
Label: Einheit Produktionen

Album Review

Following the rather acoustic endeavour of 'Nachtidyll', the ghosts are back in town demand retribution for the gift of calm they granted the EDEN WEINT IM GRAB (EwiG) members. The only acceptable form was creating another metallic incarnation which is now upon us with a continuation of the 'Geysterstunde' cycle that has been started many years ago; centuries it seems, actually. So let's start the journey back behind the mirror with a special kind of device, let's call it afterlife flying machine. On arrival the light is dim, twilight on a second thought and the landscape bleak The dead are dancing just around the corner and from afar you can hear a song pounding and writhing. Arriving at a strangely deserted train station, we hear the sounds of a train coming in. Unknowing of what might be inside, but keen to know we enter 'Nachtexpress nach Nirgendwo'. The train starts rolling just as the drums galloping forward, never to slow down  and kicking your pulse up by the second.

Actually, I'm seeing the album as just that: A ghost train through strange lands unseen by anyone before and probably never after. The journey divides into several stations and each one holds another piece of a story, revealing haunting stories and characters that might just escaped a comic book or a yet unaired movie script for that matter. The variation within the tracks is broad. There's simply everything straight metal tracks propelling forward through to more atmospheric pieces which I prefer if I'm honest. One of those, and a favourite is 'Tanz auf dem Ouija-Brett', which is odd storytelling at its best and holds some violent outbursts when the evil breaks through with all its might all of a sudden. 'Rad der Reinkarnation' proves to be very cinematic in a way that it plants an image in your mind that quickly evolves to a picturesque scenery, the circle of life and death coming to life like you've never imagined.

Another perspective is provided with 'Der ewige Bergmann', a classic ghost-story, of a worker once buried deep beneath the earth and haunting those empty corridors now until the end of days, doing what he does best. The journey ends darkly with a trip to the empty realms of night where the sound of a cold wind blowing is the only sound you will ever hear again on 'Sonnambule' that indeed leaves a long-lasting impression. Still firmly rooted in the afterlife, the creepy crawlers of EDEN WEINT IM GRAB open another passage to what's on the other side of the mirror: Their very own dark lands with their very own stories that despite all their idiosyncrasies and morbid characters remain strangely close to real life if you dare to have a closer look.


01. Die Jenseitsflugmaschine
02. Nachtexpress nach nirgendwo
03. Mein geysterhaftes Grammophon
04. Nachsterben
05. Tanz auf dem Quija-Brett
06. Rad der Reinkarnation
07. Wesen aus dem Nichts
08. Leuchtturm
09. Der ewige Bergmann
10. Ein Wiegenlied in Angst-Moll
11. Radio Totenfunk
12. In der Lichtferne
13. Seelenernte
14. Aurelia
15. Schattenwesen
16. Die Sage von der weißen Frau
17. Somnambule


Alexander Paul Blake – vocals, bass, keyboard, production
Dr. Eckstein – lead guitar
Nimmermehr – guitar
Zeus X. Machina – drums
Meyster Melicus – cello
Kalila Karussell – violin

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ewig geysterstundeII


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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