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ewig nachtidyll
Artist: Eden Weint im Grab
Title: Nachtidyll - Ein akustisches Zwischenspiel
Genre: Acoustic
Release Date: 23rd November 2012
Label: Danse Macabre

Album Review

'Nachtidyll - Ein  akusitsches Zwischenspiel' it is called, the thing to bridge the time until the clock strikes for the second episode of 'Geysterstunde', whenever that is going to emerge on the horizon. The credo for 'Nachtidyll' was taking selected songs off the entire catalogue and rearrange them so they fit the context of a creepy chamber orchestra. What else is there to say? It worked! In fact, it worked so good that you keep wondering while listening why some of those songs weren't constructed that way in the first place. The Opening 'Gespenster-Revue im Theater Obszön' for example very well invokes the spirit of a vintage cabinet of curiosities, maintains it throughout and condenses everything to a visceral mass. It is nothing less than purest grief and impotent fury that has been cast into music on the next two out-takes of this symphony of decay, well balanced and carefully injected into the system I might add.

'Friedhof der Sterne' and 'Moritat des Leierkastenmanns' are like two separate worlds divided by a mirror. While the former dwells on illuminating the room with souls immersed in silver starlight, the latter spits torment and cynicism. Both, in their respective ways, gain a lot off the acoustic treatment, mostly in terms of their atmospheres being increased a manifold. 'In ein altes Stammbuch' adds an instrumental isle of rest holding a plethora of beautiful melodies in minor before the ode to the night 'An die Nacht' lures out the wolves to collectively praise their master, the moon. The only exception made on the album is for the bonus track 'Kindgott', which is a cover version of the DAS ICH track. There, the metal elements can flourish nicely make it an all rough and harsh rendition that ends an interesting release.


01. Gespenster-Revue im Theater Obszön - 3:46
02. Ein Requiem In Sepia - 4:23
03. Menschliche Trauer - 3:46
04. Kali Yuga - 3:28
05. Friedhof der Sterne - 4:19
06. Moritat des Leierkastenmanns - 4:05
07. Undine - 3:24
08. In ein altes Stammbuch - 3:06
09. An die Nacht - 4:05
10. Untergang im Rosenmeer - 3:50
11. Nächtliche Melancholie - 3:12
12. Kindgott Bonustrack) - 4:21


Alexander Paul Blake – production, screams, guitar, bass, programming
Michael Tamme – guitar
Marco Eckstein – guitar
Andrei Alexandru – guitar
Zeus X. Machina – drums
Aline Deinert – violin (Neun Welten, Haggard, Empyrium, Die Kammer)
Markus Freitag – cello (Before I Forget)

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ewig nachtidyll


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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