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claudiabruecken thelostarefound
Artist: Claudia Brucken
Title: The Lost Are Found
Genre: Synth-Pop, Pop
Release Date: 9th November 2012
Label: There Music

Album Review

While one of the most influential icon from the 80's (Propaganda, Act and solo works) remained sadly silent during the 90's, seeing her back on track since early 2000's is one of the best thing that could happen to any of her fans... She seems to compensate 10 years of silence with an overdose of activities: US Tour with her partner in crimes Mr. Paul Humphreys at the beginning of the century (a tour consisting of tracks from OMD, Propaganda, Act...), EP, Album and tour with her newly formed project Onetwo (still with Paul H), a piano cover album with Andrew Poppy, re-mastering of her cult solo album ‘Love and a Million of other things’, a very well thought Best Of (‘Combined’, with some unreleased tracks), a Live DVD of a unique London concert (with special guests Heaven 17, Andy Bell, Andrew Poppy and members of Propaganda) and recently, 3 jazz tracks for ‘LA Noire’ soundtrack...

Paul Humphreys being occupied with OMD (live dates and recording of their new album), Claudia carries on with this new solo album, once again, consisting of covers... While the album with Poppy was very intimate, this one is produced by another 80's icon, Mr Stephen Hague. Those 11 tracks are pure listening pleasure. No big hits, apart from PET SHOP BOYS’ ‘Kings Cross’, and I must confess I didn't really know most of the songs. It goes from Bee Gees (And The Sun Will Shine) to Bowie (Everyone Says Hi), Julee Cruise (Mysteries Of Love) or Dubstar (The Day I See You Again). Very elegant, relaxing (but far from being boring). As a great artist, she makes those songs her own and after a couple of seconds, you don't even think those are covers. A must have!

Note that Claudia will give 4-5 gigs in UK soon. Certainly another great moment. Let's hope the performance will be release as a DVD.


01. Mysteries of Love (Julee Cruise) - 4:14
02. Memories of a Color (Stina Nordenstam) - 4:37
03. The Day I See You Again (Dubstar) - 4:21
04. Everyone Says 'Hi' (David Bowie) - 3:45
05. One Summer Dream (Electric Light Orchestra) - 4:16
06. Crime (Stina Nordenstam) - 4:46
07. The Road to Happiness (The Lilac Time) - 4:14
08. King's Cross (Pet Shop Boys) - 5:12
09. No One to Blame - 4:10
10. And the Sun Will Shine (Bee Gees) - 4:04
11. Whispering Pines (The Band) - 4:19


Claudia Brucken – Vocals
Stephen Hague – Keyboards and programming


Cover Picture

claudiabruecken thelostarefound


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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