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Title: Der Herbst des Einsamen
Artist: Eden weint im Grab
Genre: Gothic-Metal
Release Date: 6th November 2009
Label: Danse Macabre

Album Review

Alexander Paul Blake, the man behind the German one man project Eden weint im Grab (or E.w.i.g), already released 2 LP’s and now he is ready to release another dose of deadly and dark anthems. On ‘Der Herbst des Einsamen’ he focuses on the 12 poems of the Austrian expressionist Georg Takl. They are about darkness, dead, dying, war, and unhappy lost worlds. Although they are poetic, they are extremely dark - with elements of horror movie sounds, nightmarish ambient and experimental, pictorial and ceremonial sounds. You’ll relate the music to this you hear in an amusement park while you’re waiting to get on the haunted house. In this case it’s like a mixture between music, movie, lyric and radio drama supporting the striking dark, deep voice of Alexander Paul Blake.

All this together creates horrible moments and affects to the fantasy of the listener. This music isn’t created to fill any dance floor, instead of that it may be listened in cold, lonely autumn evenings, even though it creates a melancholic atmosphere or better it underlines such feelings. It’s definitely not easy to listen to but if you’re open-minded and ready for something new, it guides you through a labyrinth of thoughts and to a journey to yourself. This is unquestionable an independent album with courageous music. It doesn’t consist of music as we know it. The complete package creates a lot of feelings you don’t feel as often when listening to any other album. I’m sure you won’t be able listen to it every day!


01. An die Verstummten
02. De Profundis
03. Traum des Bösen
04. Menschliche Trauer
05. Elis
06. Sebastian im Traum
07. Vorhölle
08. Siebengesang des Todes
09. In ein altes Stammbuch
10. Klage
11. Verwandlung des Bösen
13. Gewitterabend


Alexander Paul Blake - production, screams, guitar, bass, programming
Tammi - live guitar
Andrei - live guitar
Zeus X. Machina - live drums
Taru Saario - live bass

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Music: 4
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 6 / 10


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