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ewigheim bereuenichts
Artist: Ewigheim
Title: Bereue nichts
Genre: Dark/ Gothic Metal
Release Date: 25th May 2012
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

The members from THE VISION BLEAK and EISREGEN would like to stress EWIGHEIM as a band rather than a side project; it was founded way back in 1999. They fuse several styles, notably Dark and Gothic Metal, on their new, third full-length album, ‘Bereue nichts’ (Regret Nothing), where you’ll also find some of Neue Deutsche Härte influences, some songs do bear a nod to RAMMSTEIN and some also nod to TYPE O NEGATIVE. However, the album starts with a great narrative song with a good deal of German Rock feel ‘Heimkehr/Bereue nichts’. It doesn’t seem as morbid and macabre as the bands lyrical output is promised to be, but then the lyrics are in German and the non-German speaking listener will only have a feel of music to go on so if the band-favoured themes are there, they are played just on a lighter canvass of music in this case and truth be told in most of the album – it gives you more rocking out than the Goth gloom and funereal mood. Having said that, let’s go now to ‘Morgenrot’ which besides being catchy ushers theatricality into the play. ‘Dürrer Mann’ is another of a similar kind where the theatricality stands out more than the catchiness of the song and is more interesting and unique. Considering that so much lays on the lyrics the band might do well to release a double disc with bilingual versions of songs in future to reach out to non-German listeners and see if they could attract a wider audience as music-wise their creation is enjoyable but it doesn’t seem to be so distinctive, new or original.


01. Heimkehr/Bereue nichts (Homecoming/Regret Nothing)
02. Staub (Dust)
03. Stahl trifft Kopf (Steel hits head)
04. Morgenrot (Dawn)
05. Schatten (Shadow)
06. Schmutzengel (Dirt angel)
07. Was bleibt (What stays)
08. Dürrer Mann (Skinny Man)
09. Der letzte Mensch (The Last Human)


Yantit – rhythm guitar, programming
Allen B. Konstanz – vocals, drums
Schwadorf – lead guitar

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ewigheim bereuenichts


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10

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