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sevenends totheworms
Artist: Seven Ends
Album: To The Worms
Genre: Death/ Thrash Metal
Release Date: 23rd March 2012
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

‘To The Worms’ is the debut release from Netherlands’ SEVEN ENDS. This hybrid of Death Metal with Thrash is comparable to the likes of groups like mid era CHIMAIRA (no clean vocals though) and the more groove oriented, yet slightly Middle Eastern influenced LEGION OF THE DAMNED. Each track that follows is mostly mid paced Thrash instrumentation over snarled vocals that sound like they could fit in a Melodic Death Metal band, but have a bit of a gritty, raw touch to them that gives a bit of old-school flavour. Tracks like ‘Cadaver Throne’ cut right to the bone with the sharp riffs and the amount of chugging that goes along with them is certainly hard and groove oriented with the solos not being too fast or overpowering; in fact they include just the right amount of melody in them to still remain accessible. Other tracks like ‘Bloodfields’ are slower and more repetitive with a sound that is similar to the more recent SIX FEET UNDER release with just different vocals, but it offers something slightly different to fans so they don’t get bored after hearing the first three tracks. The band also does a good job at layering the vocals at certain points to make things interesting with a more mechanical approach, and it makes all the difference.

Of course after a while fans might begin to notice a bit of similar riffing going on between many of the tracks. ‘Bloodfields’, ‘A World Of Darkness’ and ‘Chained’ all have a similar song structure, and though many are played at different paces, the solid groove that is involved can begin to wear down a bit on the ear for the more seasoned listeners who are able to recognize this kind of repetition. At the same time, SEVEN WORMS does their best to add variations here and there, such as the extra melodies within ‘Chained’ so it doesn’t just feel like a three chug circus over and over compared to ‘Rats’. The only release is from the brief, progressive interlude that gives a slight respite from the bass heavy churn. Overall, the album is a solid release full of good licks, but doesn’t shatter any ground in the Thrash Metal department. The good news is that as long as SEVEN WORMS keeps up with the song structures such as those heard on ‘Bloodfields’ - with both fast and slow moments - listeners will continue to feel addicted to the simple, yet effective sound, provided that they are set up in different sections so it doesn’t feel like the same thing over and over again.


01. Deathmachine - 3:29
02. To the Worms - 4:00
03. Cadaver Throne - 4:41
04. Nation of Fear - 4:48
05. Bloodfields - 5:25
06. A World in Darkness - 3:48
07. Hypocrites of Faith - 5:29
08. Chained - 3:58
09. Rats - 4:52


Ricardo Carta- Lead Guitar
Noud van Erp- Bass Guitar
Cor Niessen- Drums
Léon Vinders- Lead Guitar
Jan Biesema- Vocals


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sevenends totheworms


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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