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Title: Requiem
Artist: The Autumn Offering
Genre: Melodic / Hardcor / Death Metal
Release Date: 9th June 2009
Label: Victory Records

Album Review

Who knew that one of the four seasons we knew and loved would offer them. But offering them to what exactly? A trade into a whole new season or something totally different altogether? Well, it turns out it’s the second option, because the season known as autumn has decided to spread its routes into the musical scene. I’m talking about THE AUTUMN OFFERING unleashing ‘Requiem’, a leaf dropper of 11-tracks of entertaining music. Showcasing the band's abilities left and right, the guitars out-standing lead-in's grasping a hold of the listeners while the bass-drums draws in more. Vocal tones breaking in and out are creating an echoing sense throughout. Some catchy tunes that never want to rest, ‘Worn out Wings’, ‘Light of Day’, ‘Bleed Together’ and ‘Portrait’.

For instance ‘Worn out Wings’ may sound like a worn out worthless track but within, it hides a formula so strong and intense it’s unbearable. The instruments embrace together with such force, the guitars go into a riffing frenzy crafting, unstoppable solos with ground breaking bass effects to maintain the rhythms while ‘Light of Day’ displays the light of the daytime that shines out the most, taking it's listeners into full reality. Gripping a hold of the vocals thrusting them against the wall until the sound has broken completely. ‘Bleed Together’ spills out the blood running throughout your body until it seeps from your insides out. Spilling onto the floor allowing the guitars riffs to stand out crafting a sensational solo. ‘Portrait’ plays off reflecting the bloody remains shining against the mirror’s glaze having the drumming tempos build up easily blending together with the vocals showing a smooth but rough energy. Overall ‘Requiem’ is by far the most out-breaking album of the summer, and will continue to burn it’s musical senses into our bloody empty skulls.


01. The Curtain Hits the Cast
02. Narcosis
03. Venus Morning
04. Worn out Wings
05. Fixed Like Medication
06. Obsidian Halo
07. Light of Day
08. Requiem
09. Bleed Together
10. Smut Queen
11. Portrait


Matt McChesney
Tommy Church
Matt Johnson
Mike Poggione
Brian Sculley


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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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