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Title: Suburban Grace
Artist: Everlaunch
Genre: Indie Rock
Release Date: 24th July 2009
Label: Mightytainment

Album Review

The German outfit EVERLAUNCH already is around since 1999, but including their new one ‘Suburban Grace’ has just released two albums thus far. So why is that? It’s because EVERLAUNCH have been more on the road than anything else and besides own headlining shows all over Germany, they’ve played as support for names like BEATSTEAKS, OASIS, LOUS XIV or SLUT and thus has been extremely busy and have become a name in the indie scene. The above mentioned new album ‘Suburban Grace’ has been released at the end of July.

The album starts with a luxurious synth texture leading over to Patrick Hoke’s first vocal parts and serves as wide backdrop for them, before the driving rhythm unfolds. Still, the song maintains a melancholic, more ethereal timbre, also due to the expansive guitar work. ‘Picturefreak’ gets any crowd at a live gig into action in no time. The beat leaves no option but swinging to its oscillations. Electronically processed guitars introduce ‘Gravity’ leading back the listener into reflective areas by constructing a web of unobtrusive drumming and hovering melodies around Patrick’s voice. As thick as it might be weaved, it leaves open extensive possibilities for his vocals to unfold, which is particularly good for the song as it adds that certain bit of long-lasting intensity making you want to experience it over and over again.

’Car Crash Weather’ isn’t relying on speed or groove either. It’s carried on by muffled rhythms and subdued strings. It has a certain tension though that keeps building up and erupts in a brilliant, rockier chorus. ‘Talk Through your Heat’ with its engaging groove could as well be performed on a stage with a big band. Sounds illusive, I know but it would be cool anyway. I’d like to end this review with the piano version of ‘Picturefreak’ that really struck me. It goes all without vocals. Just the piano playing an undying melody captivating all attention until the very end! I got to know EVERLAUNCH on a festival gig they played in summer and instantly liked the way they combined moody textures and indie sounds, and I think so will you as ‘Suburban Grace’ indeed has a grace to it that affects listeners. A worthy addition to your collection if you’re into that genre.


01. Run Run Run - 3:43
02. Seesaw - 4:05
03. Picturefreak - 3:14
04. Sit And Wonder - 3:42
05. Gravity - 3:23
06. Car Crash Weather - 4:44
07. Talk Through Your Hat - 3:18
08. Isolation - 3:20
09. Stop The Clocks - 2:54
10. Waiting - 4:07
11. Setting Sun - 6:40
12. Seesaw (Unwired Version) - 4:19
13. Picturefreak (Piano Version) - 4:15
14. Gravity (Bohemian Groove Remix) - 3:35


Patrick Hoke - Vocals, Guitar
Thorsten Finner - Vocals, Guitar
Andreas Ott - Bass
Sönke Jäger - Drums

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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