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Title: The Muse In The Machine
Artist: Candle Nine
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 23rd February 2010
Label: Tympanik Audio

Album Review

The artist, working under the alias CANDLE NINE has made its first steps into music as a singer/songwriter actually. Hard to believe considering which direction the path of music has led him to. To Tympanik devotees the name must sound familiar by contributions to the ‘A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky’ disc by AD.VER.SARY. With ‘The Muse In The Machine’ CANDLE NINE put out his debut in February. The album begins, gliding on silky atmospheres which are ‘Internally Threaded’ to a feeling of profound melancholy joined by a piano later on. The splintered fragments of rhythm eventually come together to form a glitchy structure, soon to be vanished gathering strength behind the texture veils to come back stronger and more complicated than before. The ‘Penumbra’ describes a distinct part of a shadow, created by a light source. In this given case it is looking like a partial eclipse to someone looking at it. Simply put: there’s more shadow than light and it feels just like that when the second track begins, like being immersed in twilight until rhythmic industrial noise shakes the foundations of reality.

‘R5-D50-R8’, a track title and number, apparently only making sense to the mysterious creator of these sophisticated sounds! It’s like you were observing the horizon in a straight line from your position, seeing how earth and heaven collide like the hard-edged rhythms and the heavenly ambience here. ‘Imperfect’ has been given that name for a reason since it’s sounding unfinished. But in this case it’s no criticism hidden here at all. It is the deliberately abrasive, the roughness of this build, laced to the web of strings and pads, making you want to listen to it again and again. When Icarus started his daring flight to the sun, he came to close and its warmth melted the wax, says mythology. Here now we accompany ‘Icarus Descending’ aurally, falling down from the endlessness of open skies which you can feel already in the very first seconds, and the erratic beats foretell it won’t be a soft landing. ‘Someone Anyone’ concludes the regular track list with an anthem to the lonely; those who walk the earth alone having never felt anything else in their lives. But no one ever sees how they suffer and how it eats at their souls. Maybe no one wants to see…

The album is wrapped up with two remixes and especially Tony Young of AUTOCLAV1.1 proves his sense of humour by calling his remix of the track ‘R2-D2C3-PO mix’. It is not the most breath-taking Tony has ever done, but the sound bears a sort of magical ingredient for me. It triggers pictures no matter if you want or not. On a related note, I’m so much looking forward to the new album. But now it’s time for the summary and that can only be a favourable one. I’m missing some more diversity in the use of drum sounds, but that’s the only thing to really complain about here. A compact body of work and a stunning debut on Tympanik Audio! Let’s hope there’s more to come soon.


01. Internally Threaded - 6:03
02. Penumbra - 6:23
03. Raison D'Etre - 5:35
04. R5-D50-R8 - 5:57
05. Imperfect - 4:52
06. Wintermute - 5:17
07. Icarus Descending - 4:29
08. Kerrianne's Spine - 6:01
09. Someone Anyone - 9:27
10. Wintermute (Access To Arasaka rmx) - 4:56
11. R5-D50-R8 (R2-D2C3-PO mix by Autoclav1.1) - 3:58


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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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