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Artist: Evi Vine
Title: ...and so the morning comes
Genre: Acoustic / Alternative / Blues
Release Date: 18th April 2011
Label: Unsigned

Album Review

EVI VINE recorded the album over the period of winter of 2009 and spring of 2010 at her home in Kent, UK. Very much still in the underground music scene, but I would safely predict that many more will hear about her ethereal, tenderly soft and beautiful music. She says her influences are ARVO PART, NIN, LEONARD COHEN and diverse amount of other musicians, composers and bands, a pretty eclectic inspiration pool there.

This music is quiet, spatial, wistful, relaxing but with enough interest not to just put you to sleep. The compositions are minimalist in a way of expressionist school in painting and literature - minimal touches creating a beautiful complexity and intensity between as well as through the notes, in careful precision of EVI VINE’s voice. Unfortunately as with many unsigned bands, the sound quality is not 100 %, but it still comes across, you just hope that at some point some label would invest and bring their sound even more crystal clear and honed to quality it truly deserves. For the songs that would showcase some of the album’s beauty, I’d name ‘For You’, there’s a sense of wistfulness there, and musically it shows all the highlighted qualities. ‘Kiss’ is exquisitely intense in an understated way, I love the way VINE’s voice is contrasted with echo and silence with music accelerating from the dynamics of that, minimalist at its best.

Even though there were few songs (such as ‘Colours Of The Night’ which I found too sentimental and vocally it just didn’t do it for me, although the cello saved it from a “cringe” song) that let it slightly down, it’s an impressive debut, if we won’t hear any more about EVI VINE - something’s gone terribly wrong in the world of music industry. 


01. For The Dreamers – 4.31
02. Down – 4.32
03. Inside Her – 6.54
04. Colours Of The Night – 4.58
05. For You – 6.12
06. Kiss – 6.12
07. I Let You Leave – 5.38
08. In This Moment – 5.50
09. How Time Flies – 5.36
10. All The Beauty – 2.27


Evi Vine – vocals, guitar
The band:
Jennifer Baron – cello, viola
Steven Hills – drums, guitar
John Murphy – bass guitar
Ben Roberts – cello

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Music: 8.5
Sound: 8
Total: 8.25 /10

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