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Artist: Amorphead
Title: Chaos Expression EP
Genre: Death / Groove Thrash Metal
Release Date: 11th May 2011
Label: Casket Records

Album Review

AMORPHEAD are relatively new to the metal scene, being as they’ve only put out one EP in 2009 since their conception in 2007, and it was met with some pretty harsh criticism. However, there is always room for improvement, and their second EP, ‘Chaos Expression’, is actually a lot more diverse, following a more modern metal path than just a basic death/ thrash outfit as these Italians have previously done. For those who are not familiar with AMORPHEAD, consider them a cross between DEW SCENTED in vocals and aggression with the catchy and modern style of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. When listening to the opening track ‘Scream Inside’, it is almost deceiving with how slow it is because it sounds like doom metal. However, listeners will soon learn that the music picks up pretty quickly. The rest of the track is full of snarling roars, a semi gritty edge to the guitar riffs, and just the right amount of groove that would make MOTORHEAD fans proud.

The guitar solos are pretty energetic, and overall the entire pace of the music isn’t too fast so it doesn’t feel like obliteration. Other tracks like ‘Holes’ are a bit faster and more in the death metal vein, but still have that rock based structure when it comes to the riffs with a modern metal feel. ‘5:22’ is a good blend of heavy and melodic instrumental that feels like ‘Canto’ from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. It chugs along at a decent pace and doesn’t try to do anything too fancy, while subtly drawing attention. The final track isn’t the full nine minutes; the first part pretty much sounds like all the other work, then there is a bit of an ambient pause before the other part kicks up, which sounds, again, like typical AMORPHEAD. They probably could have just done without the pause and split the track into two different ones to save some patience.

Still, ‘Chaos Expression’ is a great follow up to ‘Psychotic’, so the band is in the right direction. The main effect is leaving listeners wanting more, which is what this EP does, despite the short length. They haven’t exactly stepped out of any shadows but at least they aren’t plunging into more darkness. Death metal and thrash fans alike with find this pretty enjoyable, and even some metalcore or modern metal fans will find this suitable for their ear hole. The production can be a bit raw at times, but that is what makes it old school. At least every track isn’t the same and AMORPHEAD do their best to try and diversify everything, from adding melody to instrumentals amongst a ferocious voice.


01. Scream Inside (4:58)
02. Depth (4:21)
03. 5-22 (2:39)
04. Holes (4:06)
05. Chaos Expression (9:38)


Mlex (Alessio Gagliardi) - Guitar
DarkBoy (Luigi Randazzini) - Bass
Kronos (Giorgio Faini) - Drums
Master (Emiliano Iozzo) - Vocals
Paul - Guitar


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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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