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Artist: Herfst
Title: The Deathcult pt.I - An Oath in Darkness EP
Genre: Necromantic Metal
Release Date: 19th May 2012
Label: Self-release

Single Review

HERFST from Belgium is a band that brands their music under “Necromantic Metal”, a mixture of Death and Black Metal. 2009 saw the release of their debut ‘Necrotica’ and they’re about to release ‘The Deathcult pt.I - An Oath in Darkness’, produced by Dan Swanö. The ambient intro with its symphonic, slightly baroque, music is a great way to kick this off. The following songs are more stripped down. Considering that a lot of bands within the Black Metal genre are putting out a lot of intricate and detailed work these days, this seems to be more naked in comparison, but then it marries off into Death Metal that’s more outstanding within this fusion. ‘Tonight It Descends’ employs diverse vocal techniques, which is just as well.

Their guest vocalist’s clean vocal aren’t not on the strong side and leave a bit to be desired - more confident presence, or more backing vocals propping up or stick to the growls, roars and whispers... it just needs something on the improvement side. At times the songwriting could have been tighter, smoother too. ‘The Thing In The Mirror’ has some great touches with keys lending it more atmosphere, though at times it peters out in a direction of being lost out. The strongest and best moment of the single comes with the closing song, Code Noir, more compact, the guesting singer is surer of himself and on a better footing. There is better and tighter build up of the atmosphere, the elements are flowing together in more unity. An interesting single regardless of its weaknesses.


01. Prologue - An Oath In Darkness
02. Tonight It Descends
03. The Thing In The Mirror
04. Eyeless - Soulless
05. Code Noir


Matthieu - vocals
Bram - lead 7 strings
Christophe - rhythm 7 strings
Kurt - 5 string
Ruben - skins

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herfst thedeathcultpt1


Music: 6.5
Sound: 7
Total: 6.75 / 10

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