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iguana getthecityloveyou
Artist: Iguana
Title: Get The City Love You
Genre: Stoner Rock
Release Date: 22nd June 2012
Label: Sweet Home Records

Album Review

As odd as it may seem, but this is indeed the first full-length of German outfit IGUANA; entitled 'Get The City Love You'. Even though the band is around since 2002, they've only released a couple of Eps and single, mainly playing live. The opening made by 'New Moon Flyby' is as dark and viscous as a swamp in Louisiana and strangely alive as a city is at night. Dry riffs creep out slowly of dark corners only to melt with the shadows again in a blink. The rhythm base never rises up, never gets more prominent than it has to be. On 'Vague As A Mirage' it is time to tap your toes and nod your heads folks to dusty notes atop a strange undercurrent of subtle desperation. A slight progressive breeze comes through on the following 'Royal Null Drift' where there's a consistent change of metrics involved with guitar and fuzzy bass lines meandering around them wondering what's going to happen next.

The mentioned sense for psychedelia becomes apparent on the album's title track just like another thing: A straight rock appeal and pop-ish structures,I mean the chorus is unashamedly catchy as far as catchy goes with these guys. For once, there is light coming through on 'Morning Eve' but it's just a glimpse, permeating a gritty fabric of bluesy and dirty rock. If you still need hard proof of craftsmanship then I suggest you listen to 'Fukushime50' right now. Clocking in at roughly 8 minutes it goes through various incarnations while still retaining a core theme. You could say except that everything is in a constant flow and it flows rather nicely with lots of details and sound wizardry. Actually this is something you can break the whole album down to: It playfully flows, sometimes with vocals and other times without them, always with a touch of dim darkness!


01. New Moon Flyby - 3:31
02. Vague As A Mirage - 6:27
03. Royal Null Drift - 3:51
04. Get The City Love You - 4:37
05. Morning Eve - 4:49
06. Madinat Al Yasmin - 4:37
07. Fukushima50 - 7:57
08. Uber Idolizer - 5:03
09. Down On You - 4:03
10. Freshly Tranquilized - 3:42


Alex – Vocals
Thomas – Guitar
Ali – Bass
Robert - Drums


Cover Picture

iguana getthecityloveyou


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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