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godmacabre thewinterlong reissue
Artist: God Macabre
Title: The Winterlong (Reissue)
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 10th June 2014
Label: Relapse Records

Album Review

‘The Winterlong’ of Swedish Death Metal outfit GOD MACABRE is a reissue of their 1993 debut album. It contains four bonus tracks, 7" demo from 1990 plus the never-before-heard track, ‘Life's Verge’, the first new GOD MACABRE recording in over 20 years. This was the only album and became a not forgotten but fading classic. It’s an intricate and varied album that has managed to withstand passage of time even if it’s rooted in the trend as it was being born. Its rawness gushes, grinds and gnaws at you relentlessly, the slow passages infusing with atmosphere attending to lyrics preoccupation with grief and loss. It’s astonishing that the band didn’t have a long life and perhaps all the more it can be treasured for it. The ‘never-before’ material blends into it smoothly. A must have for any Death Metal fan.


01. Into Nowhere
02. Lost
03. Teardrops
04. Ashes of Mourning Life
05. Spawn Of Flesh
06. Lamentations
07. In Grief
08. Life’s Verge
09. Consumed by Darkness
10. Ceased To Be
11. Spawn of Flesh


Per Boder - Vocals
Ola Sjöberg - Guitars
Jonas Stålhammar - Lead Guitars, Bass, Mellotron

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godmacabre thewinterlong reissue


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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