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heathenapostles jyrki69 evilspirits
Artist: Heathen Apostles & Jyrki 69
Title: Evil Spirits
Genre: Alternative / Indie / Country / Rock
Release Date: 25th August 2015
Label: Ratchet Blade Records

Album Review

It is no secret that Jyrki 69 from THE 69 EYES and Chopper Franklin from HEATHEN APOSTELS joined together for the project THE 69 CATS and no wonder that Jyrki would eventually contribute as a guest singer for the APOSTELS. Their four-track EP ‘Evil Spirits’ was worth the wait. The combination of the two very distinctive voices of Mather Louth and Jyrki next to tunes of “Gothic Americana”, Dark Country and Southern Rock sound excellent. So, as expected, ‘Evil Spirits’ turned out very racy and atmospheric arousing new emotions and sensations in the listener. The low, velvety vocals of Jyrki still sound somewhat exotic to me outside of THE 69 EYES, and yet it's hard to imagine a more worthy partner for Mather - her charisma outshines everybody, but Jyrki is persevered.

The EP turned a sort of game of contrasts in four parts. In the title track, there's only Mather's vocal line and Jyrki places accents. But on ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ the roles are reversed and Jyrki's voice is surprisingly and organically woven into the web of typical HEATHEN APOSTELS sounds with their traditional violin, banjo and mandolin. The romantic and lyrical track ‘Maylene’ is a duet presenting a dialogue between the two performers and there's more Rock'n'Roll, or rather Goth'n'Roll. ‘After I Go’ fully merges the male and female vocal lines as they emphasize and complement each other - gloomy harmony. 


01. Evil Spirits
02. Hallowed Be Thy Name
03. Maylene
04. After I Go


Mather Louth – vocals
Jyrki 69 – vocals
Chopper Franklin – guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, keyboards
Luis Mascaro – violin

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heathenapostles jyrki69 evilspirits


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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