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jyrki69 helsinkivampire
Artist: Jyrki 69
Title: Helsinki Vampire
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 23rd of June 2017
Label: Cleopatra Records
Album Review

JYRKI 69, the mysterious and terrifying leader of the Finnish band THE 69 EYES, released his first solo album called ‘Helsinki Vampire’. Some singles of that album became already the soundtracks for the gothic movies: ‘Sunset Society’, the dark movie where Lemmy Kilmister started and ‘Halloween Hell House’. JYRKI 69 made the album using the spice of Goth’n’Roll allure. ‘Helsinki Vampire’ saw the first sunrise on June 23rd and it's really special: beautiful melodies with interesting lyrics make it similar to an audio performance. There, the rich sound is creating an atmosphere and the noble voice is acting. So, are you ready to listen with your skin?

The album opens by ‘Ad Infinitum’, it raises tension by the guitars and keys in a smoky air of electric sound, track gradually become faster through pure drums and the bass lines. Nevertheless the song not loses its depth. The listener cautiously descends into the gloomy cave, which is illuminated by the lights inside. This is the abode of ‘Helsinki Vampire’, where he tells the wise stories of his long life. Jyrki's low and deep voice sounds like the voice of darkness itself if it could ever speak. Sometimes it's kind, sometimes it's tricky and indifferent. The first full-fledged story is ‘Versailles’, elegantly executed, melancholic and leisurely reflections. The same atmosphere has ‘Spanish Steps’.

Another part of the vampire's stories is ‘Bloodlust’, energetic, sexy and catchy. It has the gothic atmosphere of 80ies and remains of the film ‘Hunger’, with BAUHAUS soundtrack. The guitar here plays more aggressive and has more remarkable solo than in the previous songs. Have you ever thought your day can be the last for you? In that condition, you try to live life to the fullest, like partying in ‘Last Halloween’, because who knows if your blood won't be drank to the last drop. And after that you can be born ones again for your new life: ‘Happy Birthday’ is the sad ballad of the old creature, who is tired of eternal life, who changed but his feelings rest the same. Gloomy melody makes this composition most dark in the album. ‘Call of the Night’ is full of singing guitars and seductive rhythm.

The next one, ‘Perfection’, is hard and magic, the words of the singer get under your skin and make you feel it on the highest level. ‘Close your eyes’ is the title track from the movie where Jyrki 69 played a role. As the film, the song has the scary and mystic theme of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy-tale ‘Ole lukkoye’. The last tracks on the album are ‘In your Dreams’ and ‘Sayonara’. The drums in ‘Sayonara’ sound like the firework and the lines of refrain has the sorrowful and gentle tones. In general, the album is original, skilfully performed and stylish. Each of the compositions is a unique and extraordinary story, and the music is tender and strong. Jyrki has put his personality in it, but he retained the style inherent of THE 69 EYES.


01. Ad Infinitum
02. Versailles
03. Spanish Steps
04. Bloodlust
05. Last Halloween
06. Happy Birthday
07. Call of the Night
08. Perfection
09. Close Your Eyes
10. In Your Dreams
11. Sayonara


Jyrki 69

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jyrki69 helsinkivampire


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10/ 10

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