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La Fleche d’Or, Paris, France
April 18th 2005
The 69 Eyes and Lycosia

It’s not a little event at all to see the 69 Eyes coming in France: despite their fifteen years of existence, the combo never played a gig here. Unfortunately, the concert delayed due to an obligatory cloakroom, which make people slowly enter in the venue four by four.


After a promising gig at la Loco earlier in March, Parisian Glam Goth Deluxe combo Lycosia came back as opening act for the Helsinki vampires.

Although the music hadn’t changed since their last concert, the band delivered pretty good songs, which seems to finally reach up in mind after few listening and few one are definitively catchy. Ephebe is the perfect example of a Lycosia song, began with unstoppable guitar pattern, and went on with that so particular atmosphere that drives us to a chorus that the entire crowd sang as one.

The band enters on stage with their powerful Rise Up, comes with that psychotic keyboards soon accompanied by heavy guitar and that metronome drums. It doesn’t need more than two songs to make a good impact on crowd, and make them listening and feel their music as a lot of kids head bang on the unreleased Have an Orgasm. The band played approximately 35 minutes of very efficient music, an excellent way to discover this band and its so personal Glam Goth universe. Although the sound wasn’t really clear, and the light wasn’t various the show was driven by the energy and light of the charismatic front man MC Christi Scythe as Don Ragno on drums give a real heart pulse to the show.

Set List
1. Rise up
2. Have an Orgasm
3. Travelling Through Our Love
4. Ice Queen
5. Ephebe
6. Nothing But Mails & Miles
7. Cinders
8. Glitter 4 Tears
9. Retaken

Music 7
Performance 8
Sound 7
Light 6
Total 7 (7.2)


The 69 Eyes

Has their “Paris kills” albums just goes platinum in Finland (07-04-05) the Helsinki Vampires came to play for the first time in the French capital.

69 Eyes music is typically gothic, that kind of piece of song you could only listen by full moon light, wearing at least a piece of leather… with great guitar patterns, which no one could escape, and an impressive drum machine in the person of the bestial Jussi 69. Their bio and few magazines said they are the missing link between The Cult and Type O Negative, but more of this the band is truly unique, a perfect mix between strong and dark aesthetic, with the deep voice of Jirky 69 singing unstoppable choruses.

It’s a bit strange to see the 69 Eyes facing a reduced crowd of three or four thousand French people, regarding to their German or Finnish representation, but this show will be an intimate one. With French girls almost on their knees, 69 Eyes guys returns to their roots of melancholic glam gothic rock, inspired by Hollywood movies with songs like Lost Boys or the planned, but non played due to strict venue curfew, Brandon Lee. With such inspirations, or even with a comic’s book one, on Devils for example, the band is composed of real posers, but it definitively works on stage. A lot of songs taken out from their Paris Kills album were dedicated to the French city and the highlight of the show was the crowd favourite Gothic Girl, singing as one by Jirky and the whole crowd. The light show wasn’t as good as the 69 Eyes performance, and the sound was just good enough.  

Set List
1. Devils
2. Nothing on You
3. Betty Blue
4. Christina Death
5. Crashing High
6. Beneath The Blue
7. The Chair
8. Hevioso
9. Wasting The Dawn
10. Don’t Turn Your Back On Fear
11. Velvet Touch
12. Gothic Girl
13. Dawn’s Highway
14. Feel Berlin
15. Framed in Blood
16. Dance d’Amour
17. Lost Boys

Music 8
Performance 9
Sound 7
Light 6
Total (4x Music, 3x Performance, 1.5x Sound, 1.5x Light) 8 (7.85)

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