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69eyes introRevolution Bar and Music Hall, Amityville, New York, USA
15th May 2019
The 69 Eyes - “Back from the grave” US-Tour

After 10 years of absence, the Helsinki Vampires are back on the road in the US. The band has a new album coming (will be released in September) and revealed that a new single and a video will be released on May 25th. Time to catch up with them in Amityville/NY. The Revolution Bar and Music Hall is a legendary venue on Long Island, hosting bands like MOTÖRHEAD, ANTHRAX and many, many more. Staff was really great and welcoming and they even had some snacks for hungry rockers.

Music & Performance
Due to delay of the support bands THE 69 EYES hit the stage by 11 p.m. opening with ‘Devils’. They had a grip on the crowd immediately and a good party was going on, when suddenly the fire brigade came in and told us to leave the venue. Standing in front of the club, people waited for the show to continue. Staff made clear the show would go on, when the fire brigade finished inspecting everything. People were calm and friendly, hoping for the show to go on. Staff told us, it was likely that the fog-machine, one of the supports required might have caused the alarm. Around midnight we were allowed to go back inside, Jyrki telling us that stuff like this could happen on a tour and that it was full-moon besides.


We learned that with THE 69 EYES every day is Halloween and a Saturday and the Helsinki Vampires rewarded us with an energetic and dedicated set, playing at least one song from every album (since ‘Wasting The Dawn’) and the audience really appreciated that, the band could have canceled the gig but did not let us down. Although the band is on tour for several weeks now, they seemed to be full of energy and have a good time with us. Since it was a rather small club compared to the venues I saw the band previously, this was a very unique and intimate setting. Standing face to face with one of your favourite bands, is a thing you won‘t forget for a long time. Of course the rather small setting did not provide a fantastic and polished sound for every song, some were really fantastic and some were o.k.


The band played all the epic songs like ‘Brandon Lee’, ‘Dance D‘Amour’, ‘Dead girls are easy’ and Jyrki told us ‘Wasting the dawn’ was dedicated to all the legends that already passed like Jim Morrison. ‘Never Say Die’ got the audience rocking and ‘Feel Berlin’ made everyone smile and sing. As a German visiting the USA, I was really impressed that the US-fans loved the song about the German capital, written and performed by a Band from Finland so much. ‘Brandon Lee’ marked the end of the original set, but due to the previous forced break, the “encore” was included in the set. ‘Framed in Blood’ got us rocking again followed by ‘Gothic Girl’ and by 1 a.m. they finished with ‘Lost Boys’ asking the audience to join in, Bazie’s solo was a fantastic one.

69eyes0569eyes setlist

Then Bazie showed up talking to the fans, signing CD‘s and stuff and taking photos with the fans. What a fantastic show with an epic setlist. The only sore point for me was, that most of the merch was already sold out. Good for the band, bad for those who collect tour shirts (including me...). THE 69 EYES will play a few more shows in the US, before starting the festival season in Europe in Pilsen (Metalfest). Tickets at:

01. Devils
02. Don’t Turn Your Back on Fear
03. Perfect Skin
04. Betty Blue
05. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
06. Christina Death
07. Dead Girls Are Easy
08. Wings & Hearts
09. Dance D‘Amour
10. Wasting the Dawn
11. Dolce Vita
12. The Chair
13. Never Say Die
14. Feel Berlin
15. Brandon Lee
16. Framed in Blood
17. Gothic Girl
18. Lost Boys

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10

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