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gracesolero luciddream
Artist: Grace Solero
Title: Lucid Dream (Single)
Genre: Rock / Alt Rock / Grunge / Dream Rock
Release Date: 6th November 2020
Label: Wohone Records

Single Review

Italian Songstress GRACE SOLERO has been belting out tunes for over 10 years solidly backed up by the raw rock riffing of Dan Beaulaurier, the solid and groovy bass lines of Bjorn Zetterlund and the tight and timely skin thrashing of newest member, Dave Guy on drums. The band has released three albums to date and has toured all over Europe and the USA in that time. Alas, the current situation with the C virus has temporarily curtailed any live shows but that does not mean that the band has been idle. This past July saw the release of singles ‘Shake Me’ in tribute to American vocalist, guitarist and composer Alan Merrill who died in March and ‘Awake’ which was released seven days later on July 10th. As we crept into the winter season, GRACE SOLERO has released a 3rd single called ‘Lucid Dream’. I’ve had plenty of them recently, I can tell you. I think lockdown has been good for dream worlds all over the place given that many people have had more time on their hands to sleep.

Being a bass player, what sticks out for me is the solidly evocative bass doodles of Bjorn which pull the song along in a dream like focus whilst the guitar of dan fills in the spaces and elevates the sound up into another plane. The drums keep everything tight without going overboard. Grace’s vocals were delivered with the trademark warble, sometimes shrill and at other husky and smoky. I’ve listened to this several times and I’m reminded of a time when I used to smoke a lot of dope. I’d sit on my huge bed under a cloud of translucent scarves and surrounded by pillows whilst a crown of smoke enveloped my head. In that haze all of a sudden everything became clear and lucid. Many a time I’d hear an amplified voice well up from inside me and go: “Oh yeahhhhhh!” I think the mix on this track is just right, every element has equal billing but at the same time if you focus on one aspect it will jump out at you, but not in an obnoxious way. The guitars are the star at the end though bringing the track to conclusion via crescendo, and we’re done.

To conclude, GRACE SOLERO produces music that is instantly recognisable, the sound does elicit comparisons to other well-known acts but at the same time the sound has been cooked up to make it their own. I like it!


Grace Solero - Vocals & Guitar
Dan Beaulaurier - Guitar
Bjorn Zetterlund - Bass
Dave Guy - Drums


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gracesolero luciddream


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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