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Title: Walhalla Wacht
Band: Heidevolk
Genre: folk metal
Release date: 2008 march 28th
Label: Napalm records


From the Napalm Records official website: With "Walhalla Wacht" the titans of HEIDEVOLK revive the traditional history of their native province of Gelderland and their Germanic ancestry by providing lavish quantities of lore and legend cloaked with Folk Metal garb. Traditional instruments fuse skillfully with powerful guitars and thrashing drumming to provide the stage for the clear male vocals of the two frontmen. Whether tackling traditional ballads, crushing neckbreakers, drinking songs, or epic battle hymns, HEIDEVOLK remains true to their Folk Metal roots, while delivering a uniquely authentic album sure to appeal to fans of OTYG or early VINTERSORG. Their pagan convictions will undoubtedly contribute in raising the next Teutonic storm. HEIDEVOLK cometh!


Joris Boghtdrincker - Vocalist
Mark Splintervuyscht - Vocalist
Sebas Bloeddorst - Guitars
Rowan Roodbaert - Bass Guitar
Reamon Bomenbreker - Guitar
Joost den Vellenknotscher - Drums
Stefanie Speervrouw - Violin


Song review

01. Saksenland - 05:37
The first track on the cd starts with a up tempo song. Every song have a own story and all the texts are written in Dutch. This song have great guitar riffs in a great combination with male voices.  

02. Koning Radboud - 03:40
The intro is very slow but after a couple of minutes is this song also up tempo.
It's about King "Radboud" and his folk. The drums are very fast and up-tempo.  
03. Wodan Heerst - 08:03

This introwhich start with a violin is not a new one, Heidevolk have a single called "Wodan Heerst" and released that a year ago. Woden (Wodan in Dutch) was the name of Odin in Anglo-Saxon paganism and he represents a later development of a Proto-Germanic god, Wodanaz. They're used folk intstruments on this cd. You can hear that the drums are very important on every song. The drum parts and the vocals on this song in combination with the bass- and guitar riffs makes this song complete.

04. Hulde Aan de Kastelein - 01:03

This is the shortest track on the cd. It starts with a low male acoustic voice and a flute. You can hear a simple drum beat under it. They are singing about beer.

05. Walhalla Wacht - 04:11
This is a real folk party song. It sounds very happy (oi) and up tempo. The mix between the instruments and vocals are this time also very good. With slow guitar riffs is it and a couple of blasts.

06. Opstand Der Bataven - 04:35
The bass- and guitar riffs are very great in this song, also the blasts in it. The balance between the instruments and vocals are okay.

07. Het Wilde Heer - 05:46
This intro starts up tempo drums. This song is really great, they're using 2 male vocals at the same time for it with a great violin parts in it. You can dream away for a couple minutes with this song.

08. Naar De Hallen Der Gevallenen - 01:59
This song sounds like a ballad, I like the male "choir" in it. The mix between the 2 parts of vocals sounds very strong! With acoustic instruments a great balance.

09. Zwaarden Geheven - 04:08
The last song is also a fast one. The mix between guitar, bass guitar and drums are a good choice in this track.

10. Dageraad - 02:22
This song starts with birds, acoustic guitar, flute and violin. It's quite easy, the music tells a story in this song without any texts. Very good for an outro, but it sounds a little bit sad.

Cover Picture

Technical Information

Total playing time: 41:31
Total numbers: 10


This cd is really great in way of sound, mix, instruments and vocals. The quality of the recordings is also very good. Heidevolk is different than the other folk metal bands in Europe or The Netherlands, all texts are written in Dutch. Not important are the stories in every song. Most of the tracks are about history, Germanic lifestyle and Norsk mythology. I'm very enthusiastic about this cd!


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extra's: n/a
Total: 9


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