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Title: The all too logical descend into madness
Artist: It-Clings vs. Pneumatic Detach
Genre: Industrial
Release Date: 10th April 2007
Label: Bugs Crawling out of People

Album Review

IT-CLINGS is a true phenomenon in the electronic music genre; not a musician himself, but a master of words. Throughout his career, he contributed tracks to various releases from many different artists. I discovered him through the title ‘What is the Moment of Truth’ on the FRACTURED album ‘Only Human Remains’. He has worked before with PNEUMATIC DETACH aka Justin Brink, this time they joined forces for a very unique collaboration…

At the beginning there’s a warning: “These texts contain the raving confessions of necessary evil. What you are about to hear is unpleasant, and unsavoury, these deeds and thoughts come from what people call a degenerate mind, a mind that is twisted and full of filth and rage.” And I strongly advise you to not take this too lightly, some of those texts contain extremely violent acts. After the warning in the first track we now turn to the “Important Stuff” and I think he’s right, because the only thing that people seem to care about is the next flash, a kick to inject some life into their existence and all the other things can go to hell and couldn’t be less important. The next two tracks i.e. ‘I get ready to sleep…’ and ‘Fantastic Ass’ are showing the true face of today’s society; on one hand the absolute zero progression, people live their lives like drones, go to work, get distracted by the TV, but they don’t see the mediocrity, sometimes the will to change flares up, however, in the end everything stays the same; the other side is the unbelievable surface thinking nowadays, most people don’t want to take a look behind the mask, because it’s easier to not know the abysms that might lurk behind the eyes.

With ‘Public Space’ a disturbing process begins. Slowly, very slowly the horror in the world of thoughts of the protagonist gets revealed, he’s starting to think about hurting others and during ‘Maybe these wounds won’t heal anymore’ he actually starts to hurt himself to the edge of total insanity. Or are these just twisted, psychotic metaphors for things that would appear all to logic if we get to see beyond the brutality of the words and the detailed explanation of violent acts with ‘Spoons’ which you’ll see in a different light after the same-titled track. With every following track, we descend deeper into the darkness. The horror is sensible; it crawls inside your head. At this point in time a conscience barely exists anymore “Maybe I’ve done something bad. But these feelings will pass, always have, and always will.”

And even though this might be a scaring fact, these words just sound like what a corrupt politician would say, after pushing through another law for his own benefit; no matter what consequences there might be for other people. ‘Is it wrong for me to hate her’ for me symbolizes the breaking of the last anchor; the only thing that prevents him from doing what he thinks he’s supposed to be doing and comes to the conclusion that it’s all a total waste of time. The ‘end’ leaves us with a disturbing feeling of unease. A point I disregarded a bit is the music. This is because I think it’s only purpose on this release is to accentuate, to enforce the words and by that giving it kind of a sonic extension. It’s by no means simple or likeable but the main focus is placed on IT-CLINGS’ words here.

I’d like to pick up a question I threw in before for a conclusion. Are these really the thought s of a twisted and degenerate mind or does he just see the world for what it really is? Find the answer for yourself by listening to this unique release very closely. It’s a very intense experience to listen to this album, where words aren’t just words but like a brutal slap in your face.


01. Necessary Evil - 3:26
02. Important Stuff - 2:39
03. I get ready for Sleep and tomorrow I wake up and everything is the same - 2:09
04. Fantastic Ass - 3:44
05. Public Space - 3:31
06. Maybe these wound won’t heal anymore - 4:56
07. How terrible it all is - 3:18
08. Spoons - 2:28
09. Rats & Purpose - 4:59
10. Drinking & Mutilated Genitalia - 3:33
11. Murder & Fucking - 3:05
12. I react poorly to the way my head warps reality - 2:30
13. Is it wrong for me to hate her? - 3:22
14. End - 6:11


Squid - Words
Justin Brink - Music

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9


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