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Artist: Individual Industry
Title: Dreams Never End
Genre: Ambient/ Experimental/ Trip Hop
Release Date: 3rd January 2011
Label: Wave Records

Album Review

Brazilian INDIVIDUAL INDUSTRY was founded in 1987 by Alexandre Twin, within three years he produced demo tapes by himself. In 1990 he was joined by Maurizio Bonito and Lilian Vaz, together they released a new demo ‘Apology’ out of which one of the songs was selected for a compilation and later extensively played in German clubs. ‘Templum Probus’ was their debut album released both in Brazil and Germany, later in Europe. In mid ‘90’s Bonito and Vaz left and Danyela Gato joined Twin as a singer with the ‘Ice Water’ album following, this was released worldwide and their songs found their way into many more Brazilian compilations. With more reshuffles the band now crystallised as a duo of founding member Alexandre Twin and Maurizio Benito who came back. The new ‘Dreams Never End’ LP takes inspiration in Trip Hop and modern club scene and hosts a number of guest singers, including the ex-vocalist Danyela Gato.

The first song ‘Amy’ seems to pay a tribute to ‘Tea for two’ a song from the 1925’s musical ‘No, No, Nanette’, which was covered widely, be it in Jazz, classical music, and even featured in the intermission of a punk song (THE OFFSPRING), not to mention Doris Day’s film of the same title. The second song ‘Les Innocents’ in French comes as a beautiful surprise as much as for the later ‘L’emprise’. All songs bring out a different aspect. They’re either lively or dreamy (many after all also refer to dreams), in some songs both, and many are danceable in a way that is not overbearing but promises an enjoyment. There’s also a good variety between simple and more complex arrangements, some even experiment, the songs also offer a differing scope of emotions that they hit to suit many tastes and moods. There are several songs that let it down for me ‘To Sir with Love’ was rather a monotonous and slow song, although it seems to refer to a British drama film ‘To Sir, with Love’ from 1967 which confronted social and racial issues, the songs doesn’t deliver anything dramatic or confronting but something that might end up putting you to sleep from boredom. It could be a background song, but it’s too annoying even for that.

‘Dreams Never End’ is a wonderful album and just about interesting enough to give it a listen.


CD 1
01. AMY - Feat. Carine Grieg (Collection D ́Arnell Andrea / France)
02. LES INNOCENTS - Feat. Catherine-Marie (Opera Multi Steel / France)
03. BLESSED BE - Feat. Jayne Casey & Ra Cole (Pink Industry / UK)
04. SPRING NIGHT DREAMS - Feat. Downward Path (Brazil)
05. SLEEPY TRAVEL - Feat. Carine Grieg (Collection D ́arnell Andrea / France)
06. DREAMS NEVER END - Feat. Danyela Gato (Individual Industry / Brazil)
07. DAMN SPRING DREAMS - Feat. Bettina Koester (Malaria! / Germany)
08. DREAMLAND - Feat. Claudia (Scarlet Leaves / Brazil)
09. FREE IN THE UNIVERSE - Feat. Hatria (Beata Beatrix / Italy)
10. THE KEY OF DREAMS - Feat. Carla P. (Speaking Silence / France)
11. L É MPRISE - Feat. Carine Grieg (Collection D ́Arnell Andrea / France)
12. TO SIR WITH LOVE - Feat. Gayna (Shiny Two Shiny / UK)
13. BLESSED BE (RMX by Cysco Nasa & Sci-Fi Moritz) - Feat. Jayne Casey & Ra Cole (Pink Industry / UK)

CD 2 (Only to Limited & Fan Box)
01. SPRING NIGHT DREAMS - (Full Moon Mix by Marcelo Gallo)
02. SLEEPY TRAVEL - (Remix by Downward Path)
03. EYES WITHOUT A FACE - (Demo feat. Franck Lopez & Catherine Marie)
04. THE KEY OF DREAMS - (Mechanical Moth Remix)
05. LES INNOCENTS (Cathedrale Of Innocents RMX by OMS)
06. AMY - (Sci-Fi Moritz E-Topia Meex 77)
08. THE KEY OF DREAMS - (Awaken RMX by Synthex)
09. SLEEPY TRAVEL - (Instrumental Demo Version)
10. THE KEY OF DREAMS - (Instrumental Demo Version)
11. L ́EMPRISE - (Alternative Version)


Alexandre Twin
Maurizio Bonito


Cover Picture


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Extras: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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