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Nightwish Düsseldorf 2022 36 von 37PSD Bank Dome, Düsseldorf, Germany
1st December 2022
Nightwish - “HUMAN.:||:NATURE European Tour” 2022 - Support: Beast In Black & Turmion Kätilöt

Nobody knew in the last few weeks whether NIGHTWISH would play the current concerts at all. Singer Floor Jansen was recovering from cancer for some time, but fortunately the news came that she was cancer-free and so the band and the audience could look forward to a nice evening. The opening act was the Finnish bands BEAST IN BLACK and TURMION KÄTILÖT.

Turmion Kätilöt

TURMION KÄTILÖ from Finland opened the evening and the audience expected Death Metal due to the band’s outfit. With their white made-up faces and studded leather clothing, the guys spread out across the stage. But the audience got good Metal with a big hint of humour and Techno. Some members have their roots in the Techno scene and combine that with Metal music. To the fast guitar riffs and the Techno beats, the two singers Petja “MC Raaka Pee” Turunen and Saku “Shaq-U” Solin jumped and danced all over the stage. At times, however, one of the singers was pulled by his bandmate. So the audience had fun and was properly heated up.

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Light: 8.5
Sound: 8.5
Total: 8.5 / 10

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  • TurmionKätilöt_Düsseldorf_2022_11_von_21
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  • TurmionKätilöt_Düsseldorf_2022_1_von_21
  • TurmionKätilöt_Düsseldorf_2022_20_von_21
  • TurmionKätilöt_Düsseldorf_2022_21_von_21
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  • TurmionKätilöt_Düsseldorf_2022_3_von_21
  • TurmionKätilöt_Düsseldorf_2022_4_von_21
  • TurmionKätilöt_Düsseldorf_2022_5_von_21
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  • TurmionKätilöt_Düsseldorf_2022_7_von_21
  • TurmionKätilöt_Düsseldorf_2022_8_von_21

Beast In Black

The second support band was the five guys from BEAST IN BLACK from Helsinki/ Finland. With their Power Metal inclusive Synth sounds, they already impressed the band NIGHTWISH many years ago, who then booked BEAST IN BLACK as a support band in 2015, giving the Finns their first live performance. At the beginning as the first one, drummer Atte Palokangas came on stage this evening and sat behind his drums while orchestral music could be heard. When Mate Molnar (bass guitar), Kasperi Heikkinen (guitar) and Anton Kabanen (guitar) entered the stage, the audience first heard Synth sounds, but these were immediately drowned out by drum and guitar sounds.

BeastInBlack Düsseldorf 2022 20 von 21

Singer Yannis Papadopoulos showed already during the first song ‘Blade Runner’ that his voice grasps a very wide spectrum. In his black leather coat, he constantly ran across the stage and rarely stopped. The guitarists occasionally stood right next to each other, waved their guitars in unison and banged their hair. During the song ‘Die by the Blade’, the audience looked searchingly at the stage, because the voice they heard was more suited to a female singer. But it was definitely singer Yannis who gave off this enormous voice.

01. Blade Runner
02. From Hell With Love
03. Beast in Black
04. To the Last Drop of Blood
05. Die by the Blade
06. Moonlight Rendezvous
07. One Night in Tokyo
08. Blind and Frozen
09. End of the World

Music: 8.5
Performance: 9
Light: 8.5
Sound: 9
Total: 8.8 / 10

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  • BeastInBlack_Düsseldorf_2022_17_von_21
  • BeastInBlack_Düsseldorf_2022_18_von_21
  • BeastInBlack_Düsseldorf_2022_19_von_21
  • BeastInBlack_Düsseldorf_2022_1_von_21
  • BeastInBlack_Düsseldorf_2022_20_von_21
  • BeastInBlack_Düsseldorf_2022_21_von_21
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After a break during which the audience could have a drink or a bite to eat, the hall filled up again. The fans now saw a stage that seemed much bigger and deeper. In front of a huge LED screen, there was an additional platform on which the drums, keyboard and one of the guitar players were enthroned. After a few sparse notes, a drum solo began which was accompanied by bright flashes of light on the stage. But a huge bang opened the performance of NIGHTWISH and singer Floor Jansen entered stage centre. Wearing shorts and a wide-cut leather top, Floor started the show with the song ‘Noise’. With the typical orchestral epic sound with strings or sometimes choirs, the studied singer immediately created a super atmosphere in the hall. The NIGHTWISH singer stood at the microphone stand and let her enchanting rocking voice resound. When the guitars became faster and stronger, she could be seen banging her head and her hair flew through the air.

Nightwish Düsseldorf 2022 37 von 37

In addition to the enchanting singer, the entire stage show was impressive. Two large LED displays hung to the right and left of the stage, on which the various band members could be seen in alternating close-ups. In the background of the stage one could see a much larger LED screen on which films or visual effects were running. But also the fire fountains were not to be missed during many songs. During the song ‘How’s the Heart?’ Floor climbed onto the podium and sat down on a stool next to guitarist Troy Donockley. There she was very impressed by the 11,000 loud German fans and asked the fans to turn on their phone lights. During the song it was very quiet in the hall and only the guitar and the singing of the two could be heard.

Nightwish Düsseldorf 2022 29 von 37

During the last song ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ NIGHTWISH once again gave everything of their musical spectrum - sensitive guitar sounds and piano accompanied by orchestral music. When singer Floor Jansen began to sing with her crystal clear voice, she was illuminated from behind by a spotlight. When the drums started with hard fast beats, the guitar riffs also became faster. At the end Floor thanked the fans in German at the PSD Bank Dome in Düsseldorf and hopes that the next visit of NIGHTWISH to Germany won’t be long in coming.

00. Music (Percussion Intro)
01. Noise
02. Storytime
03. Tribal
04. Élan
05. Sleeping Sun
06. 7 Days to the Wolves
07. Dark Chest of Wonders
08. Harvest
09. I Want My Tears Back
10. Nemo
11. How’s the Heart? (acoustic)
12. Shoemaker
13. Last Ride of the Day
14. Ghost Love Score
15. The Greatest Show on Earth

Music: 8.5
Performance: 9
Light: 8.5
Sound: 9
Total: 8.8 / 10

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  • Nightwish_Düsseldorf_2022_20_von_37
  • Nightwish_Düsseldorf_2022_21_von_37
  • Nightwish_Düsseldorf_2022_22_von_37
  • Nightwish_Düsseldorf_2022_23_von_37
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  • Nightwish_Düsseldorf_2022_6_von_37
  • Nightwish_Düsseldorf_2022_7_von_37

All Pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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