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9chambers 9chambers
Artist: 9 Chambers
Title: 9 Chambers
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 25th November 2011
Label: Samson Records / E1 Entertainment

Album Review

Take some former members of huge bands / artists such as BLACK SABBATH, MONSTER MAGNET, Lita Ford and DIO and what you get? I’ll save you the trouble - you get a band that is bored to death to play Hard Rock and has forgotten all the energy and the rebellion that came along with their genre. What you get, to put it bluntly, is at its best CREAM and at its worst a spineless version of Bon Jovi look-alikes in music terms that is.

9 CHAMBERS remind me of the music that is played in some allegedly “cool” rock bar-restaurants, where the green salad is bloody expensive and you pray to have another cold beer (lots, lots of beers actually) in order to manage to bear this place. And when the bill arrives you’re happy because you’re about to leave the bar. The reason, which evokes this feeling, is that their music is uninspired to the point of being trite in terms of rock. Granted, they have their good moments, a solo here and there and especially during the last track, ‘Darker Side Of Sunshine’, where they show their potentials by adding a darker side to their music (which is always welcomed). But apart from that song the rest of the album is as deep and interesting as a swamp. Thankfully it doesn’t smell as such.


01. Lives Moves On – 5:40
02. Majik Bumber – 3:43
03. One Thing Missing – 4:40
04. Know Your Enemy – 4:34
05. What’s It Gonna Get – 3:29
06. All But Done – 4:06
07. Bury Yourself – 4:04
08. Can’t Turn Your Back – 5:18
09. Other Side Of Time – 4:31
10. Indeed The Sun – 4:29
11. Use U Up – 4:12
12. Cut – n – Runn – 3:42
13. No Escape – 5:19
14. Darker Side Of Sunshine – 3:44


Greg Hampton – guitars, vocals
Ed Mundell – guitars
Jorgen Carlsson –bass
Vinny Appice – drums

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9chambers 9chambers


Music: 3
Sound: 7
Total: 5 / 10

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