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kaura thatwhich
Artist: Kaura
Title: That Which Define Us
Genre: Progressive Rock / Modern Rock / Hard Rock
Release Date: 20th September 2011
Label: Kaum Records

Album Review

The Californian KAURA has managed to build a name as an opening band for TOOL, A PERFECT CIRCLE and ROB ZOMBIE among others. ‘That Which Define Us’ is their debut album, something that as I read in their promo material took them almost two years to record. Standing between TOOL and A PERFECT CIRCLE is not an easy task for any band but as it seems KAURA are trying to make clear their position that they are not mere imitators of their idols. In this CD the band has included some rather exotic organs such as Chinese dulcimers, Balinese gamelan and Indian tabla along with the expected electric guitars, bass and drums in order to underline some kind of “spiritual” journey that necessarily includes the East. This amalgam actually works and offers richness in their Rock sound that is more than welcomed. If I had to pick a couple of songs indicative of my previous statements ‘Ephemeral Fall’ and ‘Apathy’ would do that just fine. Without wearing pink glasses and without succumbing to narrow-minded nihilism either their lyrics have political and personal undertones. ‘That Which Define Us’ is an interesting CD from a promising band.


01. Invocation
02. Sera Phi
03. One Becomes Two
04. Ephemeral Fall
05. Solace
06. Silence Speaks Louder
07. Apathy
08. Alarmico Saturn
09. 2C & B
10. If This Were To End
11. Tether’s End
12. A lament For Change
13. Untitled (Bonus Track)


Malcolm Guess - Vocals and Guitar
Benjamin Jones - Drums
Ben Rojas - Guitar
Joshua Albright - Bass

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kaura thatwhich


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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