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kissindynamite moneysexpower
Artist: Kissin’ Dynamite
Title: Money, Sex & Power
Genre: Heavy Metal/ Sleaze Rock
Release Date: 23rd March 2012
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

Ever since the year of 2006, the five Swabian Rockers KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are stirring up the Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal scene with their energetic and ambitious mixture of Sleaze and Metal. The band is known for their powerful live-performances and with their third studio-record, ‘Money, Sex & Power’, they want to continue the successes of ‘Addicted To Metal’ (2010) or their debut ‘Steel Of Swabia’ (2008).

The title track and opener ‘Money, Sex & Power’ lines out the concept of the album quite strikingly: melodic, straight-forward riffs with characteristic, strong vocals. Only the female voice sneaking in every now and then is somehow annoying but probably a matter of taste as well. ‘I Will Be King’, which was published in advanced and supported by a video, is a catchy Rock-hymn. The lyrics on ‘Money, Sex & Power’ deal in an entertaining but also hilarious way with sex (surprisingly), fame, party, dinosaurs and death. The songs are easy to understand and to sing-along to; catchiness and entertainment are central elements. KISSIN’ DYNAMITE surely have got their own style and stick out from other bands due to a high degree of recognition.

‘Money, Sex & Power’ is, in contrast to its predecessors, more rock-orientated, more grooving than heavy and singer Hannes only uses his voice in medium ranges of the musical spectrum. The album is surely very entertaining and well-produced, but tracks like ‘Sex Is War’ or ‘Dinosaurs Are Still Alive’ are quite flat and primitive. A bit more demand and earnestness would probably do the development of this still young band a lot of good, if they do not want to be entitled as a party band. ‘Money, Sex & Power’ includes songs with a certain hit-potential, like ‘I Will Be King’ or ‘Operation Supernova’, but there is not much variety in song structures and instrumentation. Yet, the affection and energy that is put into the music is surely audible and an improvement of their style on the first two albums may be eligible.


01. Money, Sex & Power
02. I Will Be King
03. Operation Supernova
04. Sex Is War
05. Club 27
06. Dinosaurs Are Still Alive
07. She’s A Killer
08. Sleaze Deluxe
09. Ego-Shooter
10. Six Feet Under


Hannes – Vocals
Andi – Drums
Steffen – Bass
Ande – Guitar
Jim – Guitar

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kissindynamite moneysexpower


Music: 6
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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