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kryptos thecoilsofapollyon
Artist: Kryptos
Title: The Coils Of Apollyon
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 21st September 2012
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

KRYPTOS - though probably relatively unknown - has quite a history behind them. They may not have the biggest discography compared to other bands, but their origins grow farther back than their debut album. One of the first Thrash bands from India to do a cross country tour of Europe in 2010, the band finally began to get some international recognition. For those expecting a full on Thrash assault like that of SLAYER, think again! Trading fast, aggressive sounds for a rather groove oriented, mid paced tones, there is plenty of melody going around within KRYPTOS’ music. Sometimes, from the snarling rasp of the vocals, they feel a bit like they’re contrasting each other. But, in the long run, everything pans out smoothly. For the band’s third album, ‘The Coils Of Apollyon,’ the band expands on their sound while sticking to their roots, so fans should certainly lend an ear when considering the music here.

Unlike many bands who once they find their niche they kind of just slump into it, KRYPTOS are finally breaking their barriers. Tracks like ‘Serpent Mage’ blend the rhythms of KREATOR and MERCYFUL FATE for sound that is both fast and slow. Others like ‘Nexus Legion’ pick up pace all the way through and don’t stop until the music is over. There is even an expansion of epics as ‘Visions Of Dis’ is the longest track KRYPTOS has written to date with plenty of signature changes so listeners won’t feel like they’re getting bored. And then there is the complete opposite - a minute and a half outro - of soft acoustic music that is a great way to close the album on a note that might not have been expected from the average fan. In short, ‘Apollyon’ is a heavy, but dark effort that can be both haunting and also extreme at the same time.


01. The Mask of Anubis - 4:30
02. The Coils of Apollyon - 4:09
03. Serpent Mage - 6:51
04. Nexus Legion - 5:23
05. Eternal Crimson Spires - 6:57
06. Spellcraft - 3:48
07. Starfall - 6:04
08. Visions of Dis - 8:10
09. The Isle of Voices - 1:37


Nolan Lewis- Guitars, Vocals
Jayawant Tewari- Bass
Ryan Colaco- Drums
Rohit Chaturvedi- Guitars


Cover Picture

kryptos thecoilsofapollyon


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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