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morbuschron sweven
Artist: Morbus Chron
Title: Sweven
Genre: Death/ Extreme Metal
Release Date: 21st February 2014
Label: Century Media

Album Review

In ‘Sweven’, their second album, Swedish MORBUS CHRON swerve from traditional Death Metal into a subsuming progressive influence, at times, introducing also psychedelic elements; adding more timbre to the sound also in regards of building an ambient atmosphere. Their aim was to construct the album as one entity evoking a feeling of desperation and despair. In ‘Towards A Dark Sky’ we get a sort of psychosis and breakdown, with its brilliant disorientating effect - music falling on itself – the song engulfs its listener with claustrophobia and is best example of delivering on their promise of “a nightmare world of utter horror”, it starts and ends with a more ambient and acoustic touches together with dark shading bass woven into it, which induce also an exquisite sense of melancholy.

‘Aurora In The Offing’ is a brilliant, faster paced truck to match a feeling of restlessness, it’s mostly instrumental with a minimal interference from vocals, which is a subtle and powerful touch.  It truly benefits from the progressive inclusion into the Death Metal because it lends their songs more of a story, and more varied focus, more dimension and complexity to the feeling that they wanted to convey whilst the underlying Death Metal keeps on with the path to lead the listener into the river of their agonising despair. ‘The Perennial Link’ demonstrates sorrowful quality at its best, but it by no means gives off a passive way of wallowing in sadness - quite the opposite. Also it’s permeated by an effect that gives it an iridescent quality. ‘Sweven’ is dark, heavy and enticing; in short: an excellent and interesting album that’s so worth of checking out!


01. Berceuse (03:18)
02. Chains (04:49)
03. Towards A Dark Sky (07:49)
04. Aurora In The Offing (05:01)
05. It Stretches In The Hollow (05:10)
06. Ripening Life (06:46)
07. The Perennial Link (05:16)
08. Solace (02:14)
09. Beyond Life's Sealed Abode (05:41)
10. Terminus (06:38)


Adam Lindmark – Drums
Edvin Aftonfalk – Lead guitars, vocals
Robert Andersson – Lead vocals, guitars
Dag Landin – Bass


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morbuschron sweven


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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