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introSkaters Palace, Münster, Germany
28th April 2016
Long Distance Calling, Tiny Fingers & Petter Carlsen (Pil & Bue)

On the evening before the new record ‘Trips’ was to be released, LONG DISTANCE CALLING played at home in Münster’s Skaters Palace in case to open their European tour. By now, the band releases its fifth album and the times when the band presents only instrumentals are gone. At the last long-player, ‘The Flood Inside’ from 2003, Martin Fischer was taking over the job on the microphone. By now, old friend Petter Carlsen is taking over the vocal part. He could already be heard together with ANATHEMA front man Vincent Cavanagh as guest on ‘Welcome Change’ from the already mentioned ‘The Flood Inside’ album. Anyway, there are several songs where the band is doing without a singer and maybe this was the reason for Carlsen to open the evening al alone only equipped with an acoustic guitar and a loop station.

Petter Carlsen (Pil & Bue)

Short past eight, the hall was still not very well filled or the already present guests was only a little interested in the comparatively calm music of the Norwegian. Some more guests would have been great at the beginning, and also it would have been great when the noise level would have been a bit lower during the presentation of the sings. This would have been beneficial for the music and only fair towards the musician. Especially towards the end of his thirty minutes lasting performance, Petter seemed to be disturbed by the noise level in the hall. But since he is professional he kept calm and lead his show to a good end accompanied by friendly applause. Every now and then, the songs were slightly livelier, like at ‘From The Sirens’ from the last album ‘Sirens’ from 2014, which was quite rhythmical with its echoing guitar sounds. Or during ‘Never Leave Me‘ which offered more room for baublery with its ulterior beats. With his high voice, the Scandinavian also too care for dramatic moments, like with ‘Spirits In Need’ from the 2012 album ‘Clocks Don’t Count’.


For one or another, the opening act was too calm, but well, soon the guys from Israel would take care of this “problem”. / 

01. Even Dead Things
02. From The Outside
03. Pull The Brakes
04. Never Leave Me
05. Spirits In Need
06. You Go Bird

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7 / 10


Tiny Fingers

Oren Ben David (guitar), Boaz Bentur (bass), Tal Cohen (drums) and Nimrod Bar (keys & synths) were the guys on stage now, naming their band TINY FINGERS. “Atomic rock from outer space and beyond” is promised by the Rock-Psychedelia-Electro band founded in 2008 and one thing was already sure after a few beats: the guys knew what they wanted! Already the title song of last year’s album ‘The Fall’ was setting the level for the evening and the wafting synth layers of following ‘Eyes of Gold’ were tilling the field for the powerful guitars in a very convincing manner. The Israeli band did totally without vocals but instrumental-wise they were very powerful on one side and kind of stoic on the other one. There were also songs for nodding like ‘Demands’ from the 2014 album ‘Megafauna’ delivering also several spherical moments. The combination of shimmering electronic sounds and howling guitars was fitting very well and so, the attendees could enjoy finally ‘Evecuder’ with its tiny, from flashing lights disturbed, inferno of sounds.


No question, TINY FINGERS used their forty minutes very well to fulfil their mission. Time for LONG DISTANCE CALLLING! / 

01. The Fall
02. Eyes of Gold
03. Traveller Soul
04. Intro + Demands
05. The Reduction Wheel
06. The Way It Is
07. Feller Horizon
08. Evecuder

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10


Long Distance Calling

It was short before ten when the main act of the evening finally was taking over the stage. Visual focus was first laying on Janosch’s illuminated drum kit. And then the musicians entered the stage to deliver with ‘Getaway’ the first song (and also the first single) from their new full-length album before with ‘Arecibo’ from the self-titled 2011 album a beloved classic was on the list. The joy within the audience was big but there was also the question: where was Kalle Grabowski? We#re speaking about Ralf Richter here, respectively about his character from the cult movie ‘Bang Boom Bang’ who arose anew in the video for ‘Getaway’. But Kalle was standing in a “Superstau” (super traffic jam) as we were told and so he could not take part in the show. But anyway, the band delivered many sublime songs being played with the required devotion and intensity. In the case of ‘Welcome Change’ and the brand-new ‘Reconnect’ also with vocal support of Petter Carlsen who additionally also delivered some guitar sounds as well.


Following ‘Momentum’ was another purely instrumental song being of course not a disadvantage when we talk about LDC. Also this track could convince hundred percent and received lots of applause, just like ‘I Know You, Stanley Milgram!’ (released 2009 on ‘Avoid The Light), presenting a great final with its groovy beat. But not the whole following show was going without vocals. Petter returned into the cool blue stage light to support ‘Lines’ before ‘Rewind’ with its piano lines was presenting kind of drama. Besides the pieces from the ‘Trips’ album, there was another premier: the song ‘Middleville’ was played live for the first time ever. The rhythmic burner was celebrated just like the following ‘Black Paper Planes’. If anyone feared that the new songs would not have enough drive, was disabused with ‘Trauma’ and if there was a clam moment at all during the show, then it was at ‘The Very Last Day’ from 2010 album ‘Satellite Bay’. The power was back right afterwards and while blue smoke was covering the stage, cool stomper ‘Metulsky Curse Revisited’ was starting as last title of the regular set.


But there still was a dessert: the venue was tinted in red light when the sounds of ‘Beyond The Void’ were powerfully occurring. There was no better song to end the evening and after around 110 minutes of playing time it was nearly midnight when the show finally ended. / 

01. Getaway
02. Arecibo
03. Welcome Chance
04. Reconnect
05. Momentum
06. I Know You, Stanley Milgram!
07. Lines
08. Rewind
09. Middleville
10. Black Paper Planes
11. Trauma
12. The Very Last Day
13. Ductus / Invisible Giants
14. Metulsky Curse Revisited
15. Beyond The Void

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.3 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /
Ulrike Meyer-Potthoff & Daniela Vorndran

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