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amorphis31Reithalle Strasse E, Dresden, Germany
3rd December 2016
Amorphis & Long Distance Calling

More than ten years ago, AMORPHIS released the ‘Eclipse’ album. This album was the beginning of a new era in the band’s history because it was the first album with the new singer Tomi Joutsen, an album full of timeless songs. In these days, AMORPHIS is on tour with this album to celebrate it together with their fans. Last Saturday, they played in Dresden at Reithalle Strasse E. And yes, it really was a celebration from the beginning until the end of the concert. “Dresden, great as usual! Supergeil! Und Toll! Und Hammer auch!“ wrote the band on their Facebook profile. The fans answered “Thanks for this great anniversary show. So much melodies and acoustic. Wow you're the best”. Enjoy our pics of the show.

Long Distance Calling

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  • ldc02
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  • amorphis01
  • amorphis02
  • amorphis03
  • amorphis04
  • amorphis05
  • amorphis06
  • amorphis07
  • amorphis08
  • amorphis09
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All pictures by Silvio Pfeifer Fotografie

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