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 D3S7170 kleinSputnikhalle, Münster, Germany
1st December 2016
The Bones, The Generators & Teenage Bottlerocket

THE BONES are currently celebrating their 20 year anniversary with a killer tour package throughout Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. The band from Sweden is celebrating two decades of Punk’n’Roll this year and they figured that just having a few drinks in their rehearsal room wouldn’t mean quite the party that they had in mind. Instead, they wanted to party with their loyal fans who have supported them for the last 20 years. In Münster, they of course celebrated to with a stage covered in sweat and drenched in beer. Already the two support bands were celebrated and there was a big party during THE BONES with people dancing, crowd surfing and of course throwing beer cans… not really empty… We brought some pics from the event with us. Enjoy!

The Generators

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  • _D3S7055_klein
  • _D3S7065_klein
  • _D3S7075_klein
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  • _DSC5060_klein  

Teenage Bottlerocket

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  • _D3S7081_klein
  • _D3S7085_klein
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The Bones

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  • _D3S7132_klein
  • _D3S7133_klein
  • _D3S7135_klein
  • _D3S7139_klein
  • _D3S7142_klein
  • _D3S7146_klein
  • _D3S7152_klein
  • _D3S7160_klein
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All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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