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hatebreed2Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
20th to 22nd July 2012
Devilside Festival Day 2: Jolly Roger, Tony Gorilla, The Resistance, Mr. Irish Bastard, Adolescents, Alestorm, Saint Vitus, Neaera, Legion of the Damned, Skindred, The Careburetors, Set your Goals, Overkill, Amorphis, Suicidal Tendencies, Sabaton, Hatebreed

It was very early when we left for the second festival day, the first band was already starting at 10:30. Also Saturday was promising best weather, hot sun, heat, dust and excited mood.

As winner for the newcomer contest, Chri, Nico, Artur and Simon from Düsseldorf, aka JOLLY ROGER, had the honour to open the second festival day. Not an easy task since there were just a few people already present in front of the stage at this early hour. No matter what, the guys started very professional and with lots of joy they were presenting their German Punk Rock with social critical lyrics. During the short show, more people joined the band in front of stage. Anyway, a nice opener. // Setlist: 1. Intro / 2. Alles für Nichts / 3. Ich will weg / 4. Allein / 5. Die lila Blume / 6. Stillstand / 7. Tanz mit dem Teufel // Rating 7 / 10 // /


Ruhr area based five-piece TONY GORILLA as next band presented (Punk)Rock’n’Roll and received a bit more attention than JOLLY ROGER. The band was really enthusiastic when playing and especially the singer was not standing still, swirling over the stage. Even though it was still very early, they kicked kinda ass with their powerful punk-rock show, influenced by the punk and hardcore music of the 80s. // Setlist: 1. Heart of Gold / 2. If I give in / 3. Rats get fat / 4. Day in Day out / 5. Fragile / 6. Nothing Changes / 7. Saturday Night / 8. Can you feel the Fire // Rating: 7 / 10 // /


THE RESISTANCE from Sweden, consisting of Marco Aro (vocals), Jesper Strömblad (guitar), Glenn Ljungström (guitar), Alex Losbäck Holstad (bass) and Chris Barkensjö (drums), is a guite new band, but its members should be well-known from their former bands, i.e. IN FLAMES or THE HAUNTED. With hard metal riffs and only little melodies combined with lots of growling, the stuff THE RESISTANCE presented was not my cup of tea. But a lot of the attendees really liked it so I guess it was kinda good. // Rating 7 / 10 // /


Now it was time for a band from my home town Münster, MR IRISH BASTARD. Founded in the middle of 2006, this band was the first one of the day drawing a lot of attention. As the band name hints, the band is musically connected to Ireland, presenting nice Irish Folk Rock. With fiddle, banjo and lots of good mood they invited the fans to sing along and jump, and people extensively did. With songs like ‘I Smell The Blood’, ‘Another Man’s Country’ or ‘40 Something Street’, the girls and boys spread a lot of green joy. Even the first pogo pit of the day could be seen. This band is just not boring. During ‘Last Pint’, there even happened a little sing-a-long game. Really cool show at an early time. // Setlist: 1. This World / 2. Galway Bay / 3. I smell the Blood / 4. Another Man’s Country / 5. 40 Something Street / 6. Last Pint / 7. Stupid Bastards / 8. Let go / 9. Bite the Dust // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


After the short trip to Ireland we were turning back to American Melodic hardcore with the ADOLESCENTS. Already founded in 1980, all band members aged and this was visible on stage. The sound and the vocals itself were great, but the action fitting to such a sound was missing on stage. So, it turned out to be kind of boring show for me. // Setlist: 1. No Way / 2. Monsanto Hayride / 3. Lockdown America / 4. Operation FTW / 5. Amoeba / 6. American dogs in Europe / 7. OC Confidential / 8. Peace Don't Cost a Thing / 9. Kids of Black Hole // Rating: 6 / 10 // /


The guys of True Scottish Pirate Metal ALESTORM, namely Christopher Bowes (vocals, keyboards), Dani Evans (guitars), Gareth Murdock (bass guitars) and Pete Alcorn (drums), were much younger and spread a lot of more action on stage. ALESTORM formed in 2006 and after gaining a cult following in their local scene, they quickly inked a record deal with Austria's Napalm Records. The guys gathered a lot of fans in front of stage ready for a big party. ALESTORM spread their Polka influenced Rock with a lot of joy and a grin in their faces causing extensive dancing and moshing, pushing and running within the audience. Crowd surfing people caused quite some work for the security guys. I don’t want to judge about the musical qualities, but at least there was some real party happening. // Setlist: 1. Shipwrecked / 2. Midget Saw / 3. Nancy the Tavern Wench / 4. Keelhauled / 5. Rumpelkombo / 6. The Sunk'n Norwegian / 7. Captain Morgan's Revenge / 8. Over the Seas / 9. Rum // Rating: 7 / 10 // /


Formed in 1979 under the name TYRANT, following band SAINT VITUS has gone through splits and lots of line-up changes over the years. The current line-up consists of Wino Weinrich (vocals), Dave Chandler (guitar), Mark Adams (bass) and Henry Vasquez (drums). The performance of the band left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, the band presented first-class Doom. But the band is aged as the music and so, the performance turned out to be quite motionless when it comes to singer Wino who changed between looking bored or just full of devotion. On the other hand it was a real pleasure to watch Dave chandler with his long grey hair making faces. The typical guitar sound is really cool. The choice of songs was welcomed by many fans, ‘White Stallions’, ‘Dying inside’ or ‘Born too late’ presented fines music. // Setlist: 1. Blessed Night / 2. I Bleed Black / 3. Let Them Fall / 4. The Bleeding Ground / 5. White Stallions / 6. Dying Inside / 7. Born Too Late // Rating: 7 / 10 // /


NEAERA from my home town Münster were up to set the Hell stage under fire now. In order to pursue his interest in Hardcore and Swedish death metal, Tobias Buck was founding the band in summer 2003. What Benjamin Hilleke (vocals), Tobias Buck (guitar), Stefan Keller (guitar), Sebastian Heldt (drums) and Benjamin Donath (bass) presented in the following was a real contrast to SAINT VITUS’ show. Hard Death Metal was sounding from the speakers while several Walls of Death were happening. Singer Benjamin was jumping down from stage for some crowd surfing. And the audience extensively followed his example. Being very dry the whole day, the ground was dry as well and big clouds of dust were rising when people joined in the circle pits. // Setlist: 1. Heaven's Descent / 2. Armamentarium / 3. Where Submission Reigns / 4. I Loathe / 5. Let the Tempest Come / 6. Walls Instead of Bridges / 7. In Defiance / 8. Spearheading the Spawn // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


With Dutch LEGION OF THE DAMNED, another Death-Metal/ Thrash-Metal band was entering the Devil Stage. Even though the music was dark and hard, Maurice Swinkels (vocals), Erik Fleuren (drums), Harold Gielen (E-bass) and Twan van Geel (guitar) could not totally keep the level of their predecessor. There was a lot of head banging happening on stage and in the audience. // Setlist: 1. Son of the Jackal / 2. Death's Head March / 3. Bleed for Me / 4. Night of the Sabbat / 5. Dabolist / 6. Cult of the Dead / 7. Legion of the Damned / 8. Pray and Suffer / 9. Werewolf Corpse / Rating: 7 / 10 // /


SKINDRED from Newport / Wales was founded in 1993 and released 4 albums so far, the last one was ‘Union Black’ in 2011. The band combines Metal, Hip Hop, Punk and Reggae in a perfect way. This mixture just makes your legs move. Singer Benji Webbe, Mikey Demus (guitar), Dan Pugsley (bass) and Arya Goggin (drums) know how to entertain the audience and presented a concert that was pure fun. Benji really had the audience in his hands. He even made them doing the “Newport Helicopter” what means you pull of your shirt and swirl it over your head. It was a great view onto the crowd just following his command. Groove and energy of the band can be felt all over. Cudos to that! // Setlist: 1. Roots Rock Riot / 2. Ratrace / 3. Stand For Something / 4. Doom Riff / 5. Trouble (snippet of Sad But True) / 6. Pressure / 7. Destroy The Dancefloor / 8. Nobody / 9. Warning // Rating: 8.5 / 10 // /


I must admit I din never hear of THE CARBURETORS before. And they turned out to be a real surprise to me. The Norwegian band was founded in 2001 and consists of Eddie Guz (vocals), Kai Kidd (guitars), Stian Krogh (guitars), King O'men (bass) and Chris Nitro (drums). After two singles, the debut album ‘Pain Is Temporary, Glory Is Forever’ was released in 2004. The show following now turned to be one of the most entertaining of the whole festival. The guys just knew how they could get people moving. There was so much fun, the songs are great, and there were several gimmicks and a lot of action. Especially guitarist Kai was THE entertainer, marching though the audience with his guitar while playing, spitting fire or hugging his fans. But of course he is not only an entertainer, he is a great guitarist…. And also a rock star and rock star like he is destroying his guitar at the end of the show, giving the pieces away to the fans. Singer Eddie on the other hand is a great front man, exciting not only the girls. But also the rest of the band was not standing still, posing a lot and making action while presenting you finest hard Rock’n’Roll with songs like ‘Burning Rubber’, ‘Rock’n’Roll Forever’, ‘Terrified’, ‘fire it up’ or ‘Goin’ Down’. What a great live band! This was surely not the last time I attended a gig of the guys from Oslo. "Shout It Out, Shout It Out, Rock 'n' Roll Forever!" // Rating: 9 / 10 // /


As entertaining the show of THE CARBURETORS was, as bored was I by the stuff SET YOUR GOALS presented. The Melodic Hardcore band, consisting of Jordan Brown (vocals), Matt Wilson (vocals), Mike Ambrose (drums), Dan Coddaire (guitar), Audelio Flores Jr. (guitar) and Joseph Saucedo (bass) just could not get the audience going. There is not much more to say about this show… // Setlist: 1. Exit Summer / 2. Goonies Never Say Die! / 3. Summer Jam / 4. Echoes / 5. The Fallen / 6. The Few That Remain / 7. Only Right Now / 8. This Very Moment / 9. Work In Progress / 10. Certain / 11. This Song Is Definitely NOT About A Girl / 12. To Be Continued... / 13. Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man) / 14. Mutiny! // Rating: 4 / 10 // /


With OVERKILL, entertainment was back! The US Thrash Metal band from New York area was founded back in 1980 already. Throughout their career, they released more than 15 studio albums, ‘The Electric Age’ being the latest one in 2012. Several demos, live albums, EPs and DVDs complete the back catalogue. Long history, aged band, but Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (vocals), D.D. Verni (bass), Dave Linsk (lead guitar), Derek "The Skull" Tailer (rhythm guitar) and Ron Lipnicki (drums) still know how to deliver an explosive show. They are highly professional and show a lot of devotion and fun in what they are doing. The fans were really into the show, celebrating the band. Bobby’s voice is great, no sign of his age, and the drums come over the area like a thunderstorm. Newer songs like ‘Ironbound’ or ‘Old Scholl’ perfectly fit to older classics, such as ‘Elimination’, Wrecking Crew’ or ‘Fuck You’. Really an intense show! // Setlist: 1. Come and Get It / 2. Bring Me the Night / 3. Elimination / 4. Wrecking Crew / 5. Electric Rattlesnake / 6. Hello From the Gutter / 7. Ironbound / 8. Old School / 9. Rotten to the Core / 10. Fuck You (The Subhumans cover) // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


After a great show at last WGT, I was really looking forward the show of AMORPHIS. But what was that? It was really disappointing and boring. Surely, they dark metal was perfectly played and the songs were great with their Death Metal influences, but there was nothing happening on stage. The band just could not infect the audience and you saw mostly bored faces. I know that Tomi Joutsen, Esa Holopainen, Tomi Koivusaari, Niclas Etelävuori, Santeri Kallio and Jan Rechberger can do it better and I am sure they will prove better in future. // Setlist: 1. Sky Is Mine / 2. Majestic Beast / 3. Mermaid / 4. The Smoke / 5. You I Need / 6. Vulgar Necrolatry / 7. Into Hiding / 8. Silver Bride / 9. My Kantele / 10. House of Sleep // Rating: 6 / 10// /


Many fans waited for the Californian Hardcore band SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, that surely was a true festival highlight for many. Seeing them a few years ago I was not really convinced by their show, but this time they proved better. People in the first rows all of a sudden were in the middle of a battle of jumping, running people while singer Mike Muir was running over the stage, not standing still for a second. Hey moves are legendary, his voice was great. But also his co-members Dean Pleasants (guitar) and a second guitarist, Eric Moore (drums) and Tim "Rawbiz" Williams (bass) deliver an experienced performance. There was no holding back for songs like ‘You can’t bring me down’, ‘Sublimal’ or ‘How will I laugh tomorrow’. Anything was possible… head banging, mosh pits, crowd surfing… and the stage entered by as many fans as possible at the end of the show. With ‘Pledge Your Allegiance’ it was all over. Cool show! // Setlist: 1. You Can't Bring Me Down / 2. Ain't Gonna Take It / 3. Institutionalized / 4. Trip at the Brain / 5. Freedumb / 6. War Inside My Head / 7. Subliminal / 8. Send Me Your Money / 9. We Are Family / 10. Possessed to Skate / 11. Feel Like Shit... Deja-Vu / 12. Come Alive / 13. Cyco Vision / 14. I Saw Your Mommy / 15. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow / 16. Pledge Your Allegiance // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


On Swedish SABATON opinions differ a lot. One think they are one of the greatest bands – and indeed they you could mostly see SABATON shirts in the audience – others count them totally over rated. But no matter what you think of the music, Joakim Brodén (vocals), Pär Sundström (bass), Chris Rörland (guitars), Thobbe Englund (guitars) and Robban Bäck (drums) know how to entertain. They put on an explosive hot show, and if I say hot, I really mean hot! About half of the songs were accompanied by fire columns all over stage. Lots of fans only waited for the moment SABATON were entering the stage and started ‘The March to War’. The mood was rollicking and singer Joakim was asked over and over again to empty some beer. It was a few he finished over the show! But still, he presented the songs with a perfect voice. Seems he’s in good shape when it comes to drinking. Surely an entertaining show! // Setlist: 1. Intro The Final Countdown (Europe song) & The March To War / 2. Ghost Division / 3. Uprising / 4. Gott mit Uns / 5. Swedish Pagans / 6. 40:1 / 7. Cliffs of Gallipoli / 8. Into the Fire / 9. Carolus Rex / 10. Attero Dominatus / Encores: 11. Intro & The Art of War / 12. Primo Victoria / 13. Metal Crüe / 14. Outro (Dead Soldier's Waltz) // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


HATEBREED, a Hardcore Metal band from USA, was closing the second festival day. Already during SABATON’s gig, many fans gathered in front of the stage for a perfect spot to celebrate with Jamey Jasta (vocals), Frank Novinec (guitar), Chris Beattie (bass), Wayne Lozinak (guitar) and Matt Byrne (drums). Jamey controlled the crowd from the beginning; there was surely a reason why this band was headlining the Devil Stage. Hardcore and cols breakdowns were presented and people freaked out. ‘To the Threshhold’, ‘Never let it die’, ‘Facing what consumes you’, ‘In ashes they shall reap’, ‘Hands of a dying man’, ‘As diehard as the come’, ‘Perseverance’, ‘Before dishonor’, ‘Defeatist’, ‘Proven’, ‘Last Breath’, ‘This is now’, ‘Doomsayer’, ‘Live for this’ or ‘I will be heard’ – a great set was presented perfect guiding you to the following after show party. // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


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